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M40-310 & M40-320 Connectors

Harwin's M40-310 & M40-320 Connectors

Harwin and Digi-Key introduce M40-310 & M40-320 connectors

Harwin's M40-310 and M40-320 series of fine pitch connectors offer considerable space savings compared to alternative header and socket connectors. Applications include industrial, marine, consumer electronics, office automation, miniature robotics, security, handheld, and portable devices.

  • Surface-mount solder tails
  • Gold-plated Phosphor Bronze contacts for full RoHS compliancy
  • Double row connectors in the range of 3+3 to 25+25 contacts available
  • Industry-proven Twin Beam connection system
  • Packaged in Tape and Reel format with pick and place caps
  • 1.00 mm pitch board-to-board interconnection system
  • Style of industry-standard 2.54 mm pitch connectors, with a 60% footprint reduction

  • Cost effective design
  • Mechanically strong
  • Secure location to PCB
  • Designed for auto-placement
  • Low profile, minimal PCB real estate footprint

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description
952-1663-1-ND M40-3100345R CONN HDR FMAL 6POS 1MM DL AU SMD
952-1664-1-ND M40-3100445R CONN HDR FMAL 8POS 1MM DL AU SMD
952-1665-1-ND M40-3100545R CONN HDR FMAL 10PS 1MM DL AU SMD
952-1666-1-ND M40-3100645R CONN HDR FMAL 12PS 1MM DL AU SMD
952-1667-1-ND M40-3101045R CONN HDR FMAL 20PS 1MM DL AU SMD
952-1668-1-ND M40-3200345R CONN HEADER 6POS 1MM DL AU SMD
952-1669-1-ND M40-3200445R CONN HEADER 8POS 1MM DL AU SMD
952-1670-1-ND M40-3200545R CONN HEADER 10POS 1MM DL AU SMD
952-1671-1-ND M40-3200645R CONN HEADER 12POS 1MM DL AU SMD
952-1672-1-ND M40-3201045R CONN HEADER 20POS 1MM DL AU SMD
Available in Tape & Reel (2-ND), Cut Tape (1-ND), and custom Digi-Reel® (6-ND)