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Har-flex® Mezzanine Connectors

HARTING's har-flex products are general-purpose PCB connectors for internal and external Device Connectivity

With har-flex, HARTING has developed a general-purpose PCB connector series for internal and external Device Connectivity. The continuous scalability by an even number of contacts, i.e. from 6 to 100, of the HARTING's har-flex mezzanine connector series is a special feature forming an ideal basis for customized applications.

The har-flex product range with SMT termination technology is based on a 1.27 mm grid. With its diverse variants, HARTING provides connectivity solutions for many different board-to-board and cable-to-board applications. For example, two straight connectors are used for the mezzanine application, two angled connectors for PCBs on one level, and a combination allows the well-known pairing of mother and daughter cards. By using the IDC cable connector, two PCBs with large space between can be connected with a flat ribbon cable.
HARTING's har-flex® Mezzanine Connectors

Features Applications
  • Numerous pin count options
  • Maximized use of PCB real estate
  • Flexible board-to-board distances
  • Robust design
  • Industrial controllers
  • Medical equipment
  • Embedded computing
  • Telecom

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
1195-3359-1-ND 15110122601000 CONN HEADER 12POS 1.27MM SMD Datasheet
1195-3361-1-ND 15110202601000 CONN HEADER 20POS 1.27MM SMD Datasheet
1195-3367-1-ND 15110802601000 CONN HEADER 80POS 1.27MM SMD Datasheet
1195-3391-1-ND 15210062601000 CONN RECPT 6POS 1.27MM SMD Datasheet
1195-3400-1-ND 15210802601000 CONN RECPT 80POS 1.27MM SMD Datasheet
1195-3412-1-ND 15221002601000 CONN RECPT 100POS 1.27MM SMD Datasheet
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