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3B and 3C DIN 41612 Connectors

These smaller DIN connectors from HARTING are ideal for small PCBs

HARTING’s 3B and 3C DIN 41612 product range are a line of smaller connectors ideal for small PCBs. The new 3B and 3C DIN 41612 products complement the existing type 2B and 2C HARTING product ranges. The connectors with 20 or 30 pins are based on 0.1 inch (2.54mm) contact spacing and can carry 2 A per contact. They are tested according to the IEC 60 603-2.

Both the male and female connectors can be ordered with or without fixing flange, which further decreases the required space. The connectors are available for press-in termination, wave soldering and Surface Mount Compatible (SMC) processes. For the SMC versions, high temperature material is used which makes them ideally suited for reflow soldering.
HARTING's 3B and 3C DIN 41612 Connectors

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
1195-1002-1-ND 09020008434 CONN FEMALE CONTACT 28-20AWG Datasheet
1195-1155-ND 09031966921 DIN-SIGNAL C096MS-3,0C1-2 Datasheet
1195-1107-ND 09026646921 DIN-SIGNAL B064POS MS-3,0C1-2 Datasheet
1195-1869-ND 09241206921 DIN-SIGNAL 3B020MS-3,0C1-2 Datasheet
1195-1849-ND 09222326850 DIN-SIGNAL 2B032FP-4,5C1-2 Datasheet
1195-1156-ND 09031966922 DIN-SIGNAL C096MS-3,0C1-2 Datasheet
1195-1874-ND 09242206870 DIN-SIGNAL 3B020FP-4,5C1-2 Datasheet
1195-1218-ND 09036966921 DIN-SIGNAL C096MS-3,0C1-2-COD Datasheet
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