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1551 Series


Hammond's miniature general purpose ABS enclosures

Hammond Manufacturing introduces new sizes and options into its 1551 family of miniature general purpose ABS enclosures. Shallower versions of the existing rectangular version have been developed including three square sizes, 35 x 35 mm, 40 x 40 mm and 50 x 50 mm, in two heights. Flanged lids are also available for all sizes of enclosures as an alternative to the original plain lids. The 54-strong family provides a strong, lightweight housing, ideal for applications such as remote controllers and other small devices. Each size is available with a plain or flanged lid, in heights of 15 and 20 mm, and molded in black or grey ABS. All units are fitted with two internal mounting posts at opposing corners for direct PCB fixing. The enclosures use a lap joint construction to provide protection to IP54, and the lids are fitted with two screws, reducing assembly time. The flanged lids enable the unit to be secured to a suitable surface, offering an improved level of security by preventing access to the interior without demounting the enclosure. Hammond's 1551 Series

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description
Black or Gray
HM910-ND 1551NBK BOX ABS 1.38X1.38X0.59" BLACK Datasheet
HM1126-ND 1551NGY BOX ABS 1.38X1.38X0.59" GREY
HM993-ND 1551MBK BOX ABS 1.38X1.38X0.79" BLACK Datasheet
Black with Flanges
HM1057-ND 1551NFLBK BOX ABS 1.38X1.38X0.59" BLACK Datasheet
HM1058-ND 1551MFLBK BOX ABS 1.38X1.38X0.79" BLACK Datasheet
HM1059-ND 1551QFLBK BOX ABS 1.58X1.58X0.59" BLACK Datasheet
Black or Gray with Flanges
HM1135-ND 1551NTBU BOX ABS 1.38X1.38X0.59" TR BL Datasheet
HM1139-ND 1551FTBU BOX ABS 1.97X1.38X0.59" TR BL Datasheet
HM1140-ND 1551GTBU BOX ABS 1.97X1.38X0.79" TR BL Datasheet
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