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1455 Series Aluminum Enclosures

Hammond Manufacturing offers the 1455 series of slim line, hand-held, extruded aluminum enclosures with the addition of the A and B sizes

Hammond Manufacturing's 1455 Series Aluminum EnclosuresHammond Manufacturing's 1455 family of extruded aluminum enclosures has been extended with the addition of the A and B sizes, slim line units designed to accept one or two circuit boards respectively, mounted horizontally directly into slots in the walls of the unit. The rounded profile fits comfortably into the hand or pocket, and the units are fitted with plastic bezels at each end that incorporate a flat panel area for switches, indicator lights, and other front panel furniture.

The units are available in lengths of 3.15" (80.01 mm). The A size is 2.76" (70 mm) wide and the width of the B size comes in at 2.82" (71.7 mm). The 0.47" (12 mm) high A size, which accepts a single PCB, has flat top and bottom surfaces, while the 0.75" (19 mm) high B size, provided with two PCB mounting slots, has a recessed area, suitable for a membrane keyboard, on one face.

The units are available with a clear or black anodized finish, and the end bezels are molded in black polycarbonate as standard, with translucent blue and IR transparent translucent red available as optional alternatives.

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description
HM1116-ND 1455A802 BOX ALUM 3.19 X 2.76 X 0.47" BL/NAT Datasheet
HM1118-ND 1455A1002 BOX ALUM 3.98 X 2.76 X 0.47" BL/NAT Datasheet
HM1120-ND 1455A1202 BOX ALUM 4.76 X 2.76 X 0.47" BL/NAT Datasheet
HM1117-ND 1455B802 BOX ALUM 3.19 X 2.82 X 0.75" BL/NAT Datasheet
HM1119-ND 1455B1002 BOX ALUM 3.98 X 2.82 X 0.75" BL/NAT Datasheet
HM1121-ND 1455B1202 BOX ALUM 4.76 X 2.82 X 0.75" BL/NAT Datasheet
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