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Dlynx™ Series Non-Isolated,
Point-of-Load Modules

12 A Pico DLynx™ non-isolated DC-DC power modules

GE Energy's Dlynx™ SeriesGE Energy's new standards-based DLynx™ family of non-isolated Point-of-Load (POL) DC-DC board-mounted power modules is available in DOSA-based digital and analog versions. An industry-standard PMBus™ interface and space-saving Tunable Loop™ technology deliver industry-leading current density of 8.1 A/cm². DLynx offers industry-leading design flexibility with the opportunity to use DLynx in existing Lineage Power TLynx® circuit board layouts, or alternatively use TLynx products in the new DLynx footprints. As part of the Lineage Power Total Efficiency™ architecture, the new DLynx modules deliver efficiency of 96 percent.

  • Small size: 12.2 mm x 12.2 mm x 8.5 mm (0.48 in x 0.48 in x 0.335 in)
  • Tunable Loop™ to optimize dynamic output voltage response
  • Wide operating temperature range (-40°C to 85°C)
  • Output over-current protection (non-latching)
  • External resistor

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description Type  
555-1200-1-ND PVX012A0X3-SRZ CONVERTER DC/DC 5.5V 12A OUT Analog Datasheet
555-1257-1-ND UVT020A0X3-SRZ CONV ANALOG 5.5V OUT 20A POL SMD Analog Datasheet
555-1263-1-ND PVX006A0X3-SRZ CONVERTER DC/DC 5.5V 6A OUT Analog Datasheet
555-1264-1-ND PVX003A0X3-SRZ CONVERTER DC/DC 5.5V 3A OUT Analog Datasheet
555-1201-1-ND PDT012A0X3-SRZ CONVERTER DC/DC 5.5V 12A OUT Digital Datasheet
555-1256-1-ND UDT020A0X3-SRZ CONV DIGITAL 5.5V 20A POL SMD Digital Datasheet
555-1261-1-ND PDT006A0X3-SRZ CONVERTER DC/DC 5.5V 6A OUT Digital Datasheet
555-1262-1-ND PDT003A0X3-SRZ CONVERTER DC/DC 5.5V 3A OUT Digital Datasheet
555-1336-1-ND UDXS1212A0X3-SRZ DC/DC CONVERTER 2X0.6-5.5V 132W Digital Datasheet