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Orca™ Series

GE Energy's Orca™ series features high efficiency even under extreme temperature conditions

GE Energy's Orca™ series is a new generation of fully regulated, high efficiency isolated DC-DC power amplifier modules. With a DOSA-compliant half-brick size footprint, this series is an ideal choice for high-voltage and high-power applications. Designed for deployment in harsh environmental conditions, this series yields higher availability with lower utility and cooling costs even in the most severe climates.
GE Energy Orca

  • High efficiency operation up to 94%
  • 48 Vdc input with 28-48 Vdc output
  • Tunable Loop™
  • 450 W max output with 166 W/in3 power density
  • Low output ripple and noise
  • Constant switching frequency
  • Operating case temperature of -40°C to 85°C
  • Overtemperature protection auto restart
  • Remote sense
  • V out adjustment trim, 16.0-35.2 Vdc or 28.8-57.6 Vdc

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
555-1205-ND JRCW450R41Z CONVERTER 32V 450W OUTPUT Datasheet
555-1280-ND JRCW016A0R41-TZ DC/CD CONVERTER 28V 16A Datasheet