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High Speed I/O Connectors and Cable Assemblies

FCI's PCI Express-compatible products can be utilized in PCI Express architecture applications

Bandwidth capacity demands driven by rapid growth in data, IP video, Internet, and mobile traffic challenges today’s design engineer to employ cable solutions that deliver both higher data transfer rates and increasing I/O. FCI's core I/O offerings of mini-SAS, SFP+, QSFP+, mini-SAS HD, DensiShield, and CXP cable assemblies address signal requirements for Infiniband, 10 GBase-CX4 Ethernet, IEEE 802.3 and SAS industry-standard protocols used in connectivity to server, storage, telecom and enterprise applications.

FCI’s heritage of high-speed interconnect design and signal integrity is the expertise behind our high-speed I/O solutions whether those cable lengths require copper or optical-based cable assemblies and whether their application is based on an industry standard or customized cable assembly.
FCI's Mini-SAS HD Connectors and Cable Assemblies

  • IMLA-based board connector insures compliance to the SAS 2.1 and proposed 3.0 electrical performance criteria
  • Internal and external board connector and cable assemblies provide end-to-end application solutions
  • 1 x 1, 1 x 2, and 1 x 4 connector/cage assemblies offer product family design flexibility
  • All board connectors and configurations are fully 6 G and 12 G compliant, allowing for use of same part numbers when system speeds increase from 6 G to 12 G
  • Metal cages on the external connector and cables provide 360° EMI shielding and replace problematic EMC elastomeric gaskets
  • Cable assemblies offered in 4x and 8x configurations
  • Eye-of-the-needle connector and cage single-step termination yields consistent application to the PCB
  • The external cable strain relief results in an axial pull force in excess of 20 lbs.
  • Cable-latch design reduces cable insertion force and un-mating issues
  • Pull tabs are available in multiple lengths in Pantone 279 color to meet many application needs
  • Positive stop feature on the casting prevents external cable assembly mating over-travel
  • Hybrid external cables (mini-SAS HD to mini-SAS) allow for backwards-compatible cabling with legacy system hardware

  • Servers
  • RAID systems
  • Storage racks
  • Switches
  • SAS/SATA HBA interfaces
  • Direct-attached storage (DAS)

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description
609-4642-ND 10112634-101LF MINI-SAS HD 1X4 INT PCB CONNECT Datasheet
609-4643-ND 10112633-101LF MINI-SAS HD 1X2 INT PCB CONNECT
609-4644-ND 10112632-101LF MINI-SAS HD 1X1 INT PCB CONNECT
609-4645-ND 10112628-101LF MINI-SAS HD 1X4 EXT PCB CONNECT
609-4646-ND 10112627-101LF MINI-SAS HD 1X2 EXT PCB CONNECT
609-4647-ND 10112626-101LF MINI-SAS HD 1X1 EXT PCB CONNECT
Cable Assemblies
609-4675-ND 10110818-2010LF CABLE ASSY SFP+ 30AWG 1M Datasheet
609-4676-ND ICD040GVP163D-20 CABLE ASSY QSFP+ 40G 20M
609-4677-ND 10093084-2010LF CABLE ASSY QSFP+ 30AWG 1M
609-4678-ND 10093084-2020LF CABLE ASSY QSFP+ 30AWG 2M
609-4679-ND 10093084-3030LF CABLE ASSY QSFP+ 28AWG 3M
609-4680-ND 10093084-4050LF CABLE ASSY QSFP+ 26AWG 5M
609-4681-ND 10112041-2020LF MINI-SAS HD ASY 4X4 6G 30AWG 2M
609-4682-ND 10112041-4070LF MINI-SAS HD ASY 4X4 6G 26AWG 7M
609-4683-ND 10117949-2020LF MINI-SAS HD ASY 4X4 12G 30AWG 2M
609-4684-ND 10117949-5070LF MINI-SAS HD ASY 4X4 12G 24AWG 7M
609-4685-ND 10120087-2050LF MIN-SAS HD ASY 4X4 12G 30AWG .5M
609-4686-ND 10120087-2100LF MINI-SAS HD ASY 4X4 12G 30AWG 1M
609-4687-ND 10119217-2050LF MIN-SAS HD ASY 4X4 12G 30AWG .5M
609-4688-ND 10119217-2100LF MINI-SAS HD ASY 4X4 12G 30AWG 1M
609-4689-ND 10110818-2020LF CABLE ASSY SFP+ 30AWG 2M
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