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Fixed Attenuators

Coaxial attenuators, ruggedly designed for system or laboratory test use from Emerson Network Power Connectivity Solutions

Emerson Network Power's Fixed AttenuatorsEmerson Network Power Connectivity Solutions, Midwest Microwave line of attenuators are passive components designed for the purpose of reducing the input power in a matched transmission line system by a predictable amount on a linear basis.

The Midwest Microwave line offers a complete product offering of fixed coaxial attenuators, ruggedly designed for system or laboratory test use. This product exhibits low VSWR and high accuracy attenuation performance over the temperature range of -55°C to +125°C.

Medium power attenuators with average power levels of up to 20 W are available in standard values of 1-10, 15, 20, and 30 dB (ATT-0473, 0303, 0553, 0390, 0397, 0547, 0480).

QMA Attenuators
Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
652-1000-ND ATT-0106-10-QMA-32 ATTENUATOR QMA 6GHZ 50OHM 10DB Datasheet
652-1001-ND ATT-0106-06-QMA-32 ATTENUATOR QMA 6GHZ 50OHM 6DB Datasheet
652-1002-ND ATT-0106-03-QMA-32 ATTENUATOR QMA 6GHZ 50OHM 3DB Datasheet
652-1003-ND ATT-0106-02-QMA-32 ATTENUATOR QMA 6GHZ 50OHM 2DB Datasheet
652-1004-ND ATT-0106-01-QMA-32 ATTENUATOR QMA 6GHZ 50OHM 1DB Datasheet
SMA Attenuators
652-1008-ND ATT-0290-20-SMA-02 ATTENUATOR SMA 18GHZ 20DB Datasheet
652-1017-ND ATT-0290-10-SMA-02 ATTENUATOR SMA 18GHZ 10DB Datasheet
652-1020-ND ATT-0290-08-SMA-02 ATTENUATOR SMA 18GHZ 8DB Datasheet
652-1023-ND ATT-0290-02-SMA-02 ATTENUATOR SMA 18GHZ 2DB Datasheet
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N Type Attenuators
652-1005-ND ATT-0219-10-NNN-02 ATTENUATOR N 18GHZ 50OHM 10DB Datasheet
652-1006-ND ATT-0219-20-NNN-02 ATTENUATOR N 18GHZ 50OHM 20DB Datasheet
652-1010-ND ATT-0219-06-NNN-02 ATTENUATOR N 18GHZ 50OHM 6DB Datasheet
652-1012-ND ATT-0219-01-NNN-02 ATTENUATOR N 18GHZ 50OHM 1DB Datasheet
652-1014-ND ATT-0219-03-NNN-02 ATTENUATOR N 18GHZ 50OHM 3DB Datasheet
652-1015-ND ATT-0219-02-NNN-02 ATTENUATOR N 18GHZ 50OHM 2DB Datasheet
SMK Attenuators
652-1007-ND ATT-0640-10-29M-02 ATTENUATOR SMK 40GHZ 10DB Datasheet
652-1011-ND ATT-0640-03-29M-02 ATTENUATOR SMK 40GHZ 3DB Datasheet
652-1013-ND ATT-0640-06-29M-02 ATTENUATOR SMK 40GHZ 6DB Datasheet
652-1016-ND ATT-0640-20-29M-02 ATTENUATOR SMK 40GHZ 20DB Datasheet