ZXCT1080 - Current Monitor

Current Monitor Simplifies High Voltage Circuit Protection

Zetex  ImageWith its extended common-mode sensing voltage range of 3V to 60V, the ZXCT1080 current monitor from Diodes, Inc. provides a simple solution for high side current sensing in a wide range of high voltage circuit protection duties in automotive, industrial motor control and power supply applications.

By integrating a gain setting resistor, providing a fixed voltage gain of 10, the current monitor also reduces the number of external resistors needed to measure current to just one. The reduction in circuit complexity, combined with the monitor's SOT23-5 package, means savings in solution cost and footprint can be achieved.

Working off a separate 4.5V to 12V supply voltage, the ZXCT1080 current monitor enables its ground referred output voltage to be closely matched with A-D converters and microcontrollers and to be protected against harmful over-voltage conditions.

This device is also characterized by a low quiescent current – typically 80µA - which serves to reduce the overall power consumption and the error incurred in translating the actual current being measured into the input sense current required.

Part Number
Part Number
Typical quiescent
current (µA)
ZXCT1080E5TR-ND ZXCT1080E5TA 3 to 60 ±3%
@ 100mV
30 10 0.5 SOT23-5
Digi-Key Part Numbers:  TR-ND = Tape & Reel;  CT-ND = Cut Tape;  DKR-ND = Custom Qty with Leader/Trailer
  Features:   Applications:
  3V to 60V continuous high side voltage   Short circuit detection
  Accurate high-side current sensing   Industrial applications current measurement
  Fixed x10 output voltage scaling   Battery management
  4.5 to 12 V supply range   Over current monitor
  Low quiescent current:   Power management
  70 µA supply pin      
  50 µA SENSE+ Datasheet  
  SOT23-5 package Package Information SOT23-5