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ETMA Desktop Adapter Series

CUI Inc. introduces a desktop adapter series for medical designs that need more power

CUI Inc.'s ETMA desktop adapter series is offered in 30 W, 60 W, 110 W, 200 W, and 250 W configurations for medical designs needing more power than is available in a traditional wall adapter. CUI now offers medically certified adapters that have a wide array of power supplies to meet the medical designer's power needs. They provide both internal and external power solutions which will address most medical project requirements.

  • Medical safeties
  • Level V efficiency
CUI Inc.'s ETMA Desktop Adapter Series

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
T1223-P5P-ND ETMA050400UD-P5P-IC POWER SUPPLY MED 5V 4A 30W Datasheet
T1234-P51-ND ETMA1201666UC-P51-WP POWER SUPPLY MED 12V 16.66A 200W Datasheet
T1222-P5P-ND ETMA120250UD-P5P-IC POWER SUPPLY MED 12V 2.5A 30W Datasheet
T1218-P5P-ND ETMA120500UD-P5P-IC POWER SUPPLY MED 12V 5A 60W Datasheet
T1235-P51-ND ETMA120750UC-P51-WP POWER SUPPLY MED 12V 7.5A 110W Datasheet
T1221-P5P-ND ETMA150200UD-P5P-IC POWER SUPPLY MED 15V 2A 30W Datasheet
T1217-P5P-ND ETMA150400UD-P5P-IC POWER SUPPLY MED 15V 4A 60W Datasheet
T1236-P51-ND ETMA150667UC-P51-WP POWER SUPPLY MED 15V 6.67A 110W Datasheet
T1220-P5P-ND ETMA180165UD-P5P-IC POWER SUPPLY MED 18V 1.65A 30W Datasheet
T1219-P5P-ND ETMA240125UD-P5P-IC POWER SUPPLY MED 24V 1.25A 30W Datasheet
T1214-P5P-ND ETMA360166UD-P5P-IC POWER SUPPLY MED 36V 1.66A 60W Datasheet
T1213-P5P-ND ETMA480125UD-P5P-IC POWER SUPPLY MED 48V 1.25A 60W Datasheet
T1240-P51-ND ETMA480416UC-P51-WP POWER SUPPLY MED 48V 4.16A 200W Datasheet