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Solid Body Connectors

Solid body connector series an advanced development of CONEC’s water resistant D-SUB series

Conec's solid body connector series is an advanced development of its water resistant D-SUB series. With its one-piece, solid body zinc die-cast housing, this robust design performs better to mechanical impacts during installation and operation and has less possible leakage paths. The series range is rated to IP67 and can be mated to standard D-SUB and high-density D-SUB connectors. This connector series can be used in application fields such as industrial machines, medical equipment, test and measurement, and communications where environmental protection is needed. Solid Body Connectors

Features and Benefits
  • Ingress protection rating IP67
  • Robust design in accordance with MIL-C-24308 and DIN 41652
  • High performance gold plated machined contacts for extra reliability
  • Multi-industry acceptance
  • Front and rear panel mount options
  • Straight, right angle, and solder cup terminations
  • Special accessories including waterproof hoods and sealing caps
  • Connector without frame for mounting cable
  • RoHS and REACH compliant
Technical Specifications
  • Current rating: 7.5A (UL); 5A (CSA, VDE)
  • Test voltage: 1000V
  • Working voltage: 125V (std); 60V (high density)
  • Insulation resistance: 5GΩ
  • Operating temperature: -25°C to 105°C
  • Mating cycles up to 500
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D-Sub Connector
Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
626-1419-ND 15-000413 CONN DSUB PLUG 9POS IP67 PCB
626-1420-ND 15-000423 CONN DSUB PLUG 15POS IP67 PCB
626-1423-ND 15-000453 CONN DSUB RECEPT 9POS IP67 PCB
626-1424-ND 15-000463 CONN DSUB RECEPT 15POS IP67 PCB
626-1427-ND 15-000573 CONN DSUB PLUG 9POS IP67 SLDR
626-1428-ND 15-000583 CONN DSUB PLUG 15POS IP67 SLDR
626-1431-ND 15-000613 CONN DSUB RECEPT 9POS IP67 SLDR
626-1432-ND 15-000623 CONN DSUB RECEPT 15POS IP67 SLDR
626-1435-ND 15-000733 CONN DSUB PLUG 9POS R/A IP67
626-1436-ND 15-000743 CONN DSUB PLUG 15POS R/A IP67
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High Density D-Sub
626-1443-ND 15-000493 CONN DSUB HD 15POS PLUG IP67 PCB
626-1444-ND 15-000503 CONN DSUB HD 26POS PLUG IP67 PCB
626-1445-ND 15-000513 CONN DSUB HD 44POS PLUG IP67 PCB
626-1447-ND 15-000543 CONN DSUB HD 26POS RECEPT IP67
626-1448-ND 15-000553 CONN DSUB HD 44POS RECEPT IP67
626-1450-ND 15-000663 CONN DSUB HD 26POS PLUG IP67
626-1455-ND 15-002193 CONN DSUB HD 15POS PLUG R/A IP67
626-1456-ND 15-002203 CONN DSUB HD 26POS PLUG R/A IP67
626-1458-ND 15-002243 CONN DSUB HD 15POS RCPT R/A IP67
626-1459-ND 15-002253 CONN DSUB HD 26POS RCPT R/A IP67
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