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Combination D-SUB Connectors

Conec offers D-SUB connectors for applications requiring power, signal, and coaxial connections within a single connector

Conec's combination D-SUB connectors provide the ideal solution for applications that require power, signal and coaxial connections within one connector. This series of connectors achieves space saving on PCB‘s and I/O designs. Within this product family various pin out configurations are possible. Almost endless selections can be created mixing power, signal and coaxial contacts. Coaxial contacts can handle frequencies up to 2 GHz. Power contacts have 10 amp to 40 amp current handling. Signal contacts in various styles complete the product offering with industry standard terminations types: solder cup, PCB contacts in straight and angled pin configurations, crimp types and wire wrap contacts. Conec Combination D-SUB Connectors

  • Space savings on the PCB
  • Different wire terminations are possible in a single connector
  • Cost savings - mixed layout
  • Insertable and removable coaxial, power, high voltage and signal contacts
  • Precision machined contacts
  • Various quality classes are available
  • Wide product range

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
Combination D-Sub Connectors
626-1096-ND 302W2CSXX56N40X CONN DSUB COMBO 2PS 2W2C SKT R/A Datasheet
626-1100-ND 303W3CSXX56N40X CONN DSUB COMBO 3PS 3W3C SKT R/A Datasheet
626-1108-ND 3005W5SXX56N40X CONN DSUB COMBO 5PS 5W5 SKT R/A Datasheet
626-1112-ND 3008W8SXX56N40X CONN DSUB COMBO 8POS 8W8 SKT R/A Datasheet
626-1113-ND 3007W2SCM99A10X CONN DSUB COMBO 7POS 7W2 SOCKET Datasheet
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Combination D-Sub Housing
626-1093-ND 302W2CSXX99A10X CONN DSUB COMBO 2POS 2W2C SOCKET Datasheet
626-1094-ND 302W2CPXX99A10X CONN DSUB COMBO 2POS 2W2C PLUG Datasheet
626-1097-ND 303W3CSXX99A10X CONN DSUB COMBO 3POS 3W3C SOCKET Datasheet
626-1098-ND 303W3CPXX99A10X CONN DSUB COMBO 3POS 3W3C PLUG Datasheet
626-1109-ND 3008W8SXX99A10X CONN DSUB COMBO 8POS 8W8 SOCKET Datasheet
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Power and Coaxial Contacts
626-1140-ND 131C10019X CONN PIN COMBO-D 16-20AWG SOLDER Datasheet
626-1141-ND 131C10029X CONN PIN COMBO-D 12-14AWG SOLDER Datasheet
626-1142-ND 131C10039X CONN PIN COMBO-D 10-12AWG SOLDER Datasheet
626-1147-ND 132C10049X CONN SOCKET COMBO-D 8-10AWG SLD Datasheet
626-1149-ND 131C11029X CONN PIN COMBO-D 12-14AWG CRIMP Datasheet
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