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SMPM Connectors

Cinch Connectivity Solutions offers the Johnson line of sub-miniature, push-on style micro-interfaces SMPM connectors

Cinch Connectivity Solutions SMPM ConnectorsCinch Connectivity Solutions SMPM connectors are a sub-miniature, push-on style micro interfaces that are distinguished for their size (about 35% smaller than the SMP design). They are becoming increasingly popular for the two-fold design benefit of allowing for a higher-density of connection points and maintaining solid return-loss performance from DC-level frequencies up to 65 GHz.

The Johnson SMPM family includes PC-mount and end-launch styles, straight and right-angled, .047 cabled connectors, and sealable flange-mounts. All male connectors are offered as full-detent or smooth bore designs for your preference of separation forces. The SMPM bullet adapter provides the same coveted blind-mate functionality as the larger SMP connectors, mitigating radial and axial misalignment with negligible change to VSWR and other signal losses. The SMPM-series is perfect for use in test equipment and racked-electronics where footprint space is a premium and mating boards together is difficult.

  • Bullet adapter provides blind-mate capabilities
  • Available in PC-mount, end-launch and cabled styles
  • 35% smaller than SMP connectors
  • DC-65 GHz

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description
J10164-ND 125-0000-900 SMPM CBLD CONN RMVL TOOL Datasheet
J10165-ND 125-0000-901 SMPM BLLT ADAP INST/EXT TOOL Datasheet
J10166-ND 125-0592-001 CONN SMPM PLUG STR Datasheet
J10167-ND 125-0692-001 CONN SMPM JACK STR Datasheet
J10168-ND 125-0692-101 CONN SMPM JACK R/A Datasheet
J10169-ND 125-0701-201 CONN SMPM PLUG PCB SOLDER Datasheet
J10170-ND 125-0701-602 CONN SMPM PLUG STR SOLDER Datasheet
J10171-ND 125-0701-801 CONN SMPM PLUG EDGE MNT SOLDER Datasheet
J10172-ND 125-0801-201 CONN SMPM JACK PCB SOLDER Datasheet
J10173-ND 125-0901-801 CONN ADAPTER SMPM JACK TO JACK Datasheet
J10174-ND 125-2592-001 CONN SMPM PLUG STR Datasheet
J10175-ND 125-2701-201 CONN SMPM PLUG PCB SOLDER Datasheet
J10176-ND 125-2701-602 CONN SMPM PLUG STR SOLDER Datasheet
J10177-ND 125-2701-801 CONN SMPM PLUG EDGE MNT SOLDER Datasheet