Bourns Distributor

AMS22U Analog Rotary Position Sensor

Bourns offers the model AMS22U non-contacting, highly versatile, position sensing device

Bourns® model AMS22U non-contacting analog rotary position sensor meets the specifications of heavy-duty applications requiring long cycle life and high reliability.

This single-turn rotary sensor features an 1/8" diameter shaft supported by dual ball bearings and a servo mount configuration. This sensor has a factory programmable electrical angle that can be set from 10 to 360 degrees. With a rotational life of up to 100 million cycles, the Bourns® model AMS22U sensor is a highly versatile sensor for many positional sensing applications.
Bourns® AMS22U Rotary Position Sensor

Features Applications
  • Non-contacting magnetic technology
  • Highly resistant to vibration/shock
  • Highly resistant to fluid/dust ingress
  • Programmable at factory for zero position
  • Robust design for industrial applications
  • Highly repeatable
  • RoHS compliant
  • Patient platform positioning feedback
  • Pneumatic control valve position feedback
  • Draw wire position sensors
  • Camera positioning
  • Actuator motor position feedback
  • Rudder positioning
  • Tilt control and tilt positioning feedback
  • Foot pedal, steering, lift-and-shuttle, and suspension systems

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