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Bel Power Solutions PALS AC-DC Series for Power-over-Ethernet

Bel Power Solutions PALS AC-DC SeriesBel Power Solutions PALS Series consists of 400 watt and 600 watt, AC-DC power supplies designed specifically for use in Power-over Ethernet applications. The supplies have dual outputs of 48 volts and 12 volts, which provide LAN port and internal system power. A 500 mA standby output facilitates I2C interface operations. The units are fully-enclosed, have 1500 VAC (2250 VDC) output isolation, and comply with IEEE802.3AF.

These high quality power supplies provide excellent protection against input voltage transients. Supply outputs are fully floating, meaning that users can use them for either positive or negative polarity needs.

Output voltage terminals and interface access is through a hot-swap connector at the rear of the supply. The AC input fans, handle, and LED indicator lights are located on the front panel of the supply. Airflow is from the front through the rear. Alarm, monitoring, and control signals are floating from the rear output and can be referenced.

The PALS Series meets international safety requirements and is CE Marked to the Low Voltage Directive.

  • RoHS compliant
  • Power Factor Correction (PFC) Meets EN61000-3-2
  • Current share with ORing diodes
  • Over-temperature, over-load, and over-voltage protection
  • Power supply status indicators
  • I2C protocol alarms, status, and control
  • Standby voltage - 12 VDC @ 500 mA with ORing diode
  • Enable signal for each output

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description
179-2518-ND PALS400-2482G POWER-OVER-ETHERNET 400W 48V,12V Datasheet
179-2519-ND PALS600-2482G POWER-OVER-ETHERNET 600W 48V,12V