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HEXSEAL® Pushbutton Sealing Boots

APM Hexseal presents silicone rubber sealing boots for pushbutton switches

APM Hexseal's HEXSEAL® Pushbutton Sealing Boots APM's HEXSEAL® push button boots are molded from a high tear-strength silicone rubber and bonded to a built-in mounting nut. Each encloses the base of the protruding switch bushing and forms a watertight and dust-tight seal against the front panel surface. They are designed to meet the same specifications (MIL-DTL-5423) for addressing harsh environmental conditions as APM’s toggle switch and other boots. Choice of IP66/68 rated models include transparent, round, flat top and half-pushbutton designs. All feature a molded in hex mounting-nut, simplifying installation. Armored, and rfi/emi spurious signal suppression models are also available. All are qualified as UL Recognized Components and used extensively in marine, medical, military, aviation, automation, instrumentation and construction equipment — including process and varied industrial plant applications. Made in the USA. Datasheet

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description
335-1008-ND NC3030 BOOT PUSHBUTTON 15/32-32NS GRAY
335-1009-ND N3030 BOOT PUSHBUTTON 15/32-32NS GRAY
335-1013-ND NC3030 7/16-28(CLR) BOOT PUSHBUTTON 7/16-28UNEF CLR
335-1017-ND N5040 BOOT PUSHBUTTON 1/4-40NS GRAY
335-1018-ND N5040G BOOT PUSHBUTTON 1/4-32NS GRAY
335-1019-ND N5040R BOOT PUSHBUTTON 1/4-40NS GRAY
335-1040-ND 1231/31 BOOT PUSHBUTTON 1/4-40NS GRAY
335-1041-ND 1221/12 BOOT PUSHBUTTON 3/8-27NS GRAY
335-1042-ND C1221/21 4 BOOT PUSHBUTTON 3/8-27NS CLEAR
335-1043-ND C1221/23 BOOT PUSHBUTTON 3/8-32NEF CLEAR
335-1044-ND 1221/15 BOOT PUSHBUTTON 15/32-32NS GRAY
335-1045-ND C1221/25 BOOT PUSHBUTTON 3/8-27THD BLACK
335-1046-ND NH3030 BOOT PUSHBUTTON 1/2-32NS GRAY