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APM® Self-Sealing Screws

APM Hexseal's APM® Self-Sealing Screws are designed to seal to 20,000 psi

APM Hexseal's APM® Self-Sealing ScrewsAPM Hexseal's APM® Self-Sealing Screws are designed to seal to 20,000 psi, as well as fasten anyplace where gas or liquids are present or under pressure (vacuum). APM stainless steel self-sealing SEELSKREW®s feature an embedded O-Ring technology (an APM patent) that eliminates the need for liquid sealants. The silicone O-Ring resides in an asymmetrical groove located under the head, which permits 360° metal-to-metal contact between the underside of the fastener and equipment exterior surface for positive sealing. Because no adhesive is required (dry), the fastener can easily be removed many times for field servicing and upon initial installation promotes more precise torque. There are no chemical vapors for workers to breathe in, and no waste disposal problems.

High-Pressure SEELSKREWs are used extensively in underwater, surface marine, instrumentation, medical, military-ground, aviation, automotive, robotics, and off-road construction equipment in a wide variety of hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical control systems. Datasheet

  • Positive sealing under vacuum or pressure
  • Installs like a conventional fastener
  • Reusable & compatible with all surface finishes
  • Operating temperature range of -160° to +500°F (-106°C to +260°C)
  • Full 360° metal-to-metal contact assures fastening integrity
  • Uniform, high-strength design
  • UL & CSA recognized
  • UL tested
  • RoHS & DFARS compliant
  • Made in USA

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description
335-1068-ND R1/4-20X3/8 SCREW PHLLPS PAN 1/4-20X3/8
335-1069-ND R1/4-20X7/16 SCREW PHLLP PAN 1/4-20X7/16
335-1070-ND R1/4-20X1/2 SCREW PHLLPS PAN 1/4-20X1/2
335-1071-ND R1/4-20X5/8 SCREW PHLLPS PAN 1/4-20X5/8
335-1072-ND R1/4-20X3/4 SCREW PHLLPS PAN 1/4-20X3/4
335-1073-ND R1/4-20X7/8 SCREW PHLLPS PAN 1/4-20X7/8
335-1074-ND R1/4-20X1 SCREW PHILLIPS PAN 1/4-20X1
335-1075-ND R10-32X3/8 SCREW PHILLP PAN 10-32X3/8
335-1076-ND R10-32X7/16 SCREW PHLLP PAN 10-32X7/16
335-1077-ND R10-32X1/2 SCREW PHILLP PAN 10-32X1/2
335-1078-ND R10-32X5/8 SCREW PHILLIPS PAN R10-32X5/8
335-1079-ND R10-32X3/4 SCREW PHILLP PAN 10-32X3/4
335-1080-ND R10-32X7/8 SCREW PHILLP PAN 10-32X7/8
335-1081-ND R10-32X1 SCREW PHILLIPS PAN 10-32X1
335-1082-ND R4-40X1/4 SCREW PHILLIPS PAN R4-40X1/4
335-1083-ND R4-40X5/16 SCREW PHILLP PAN 4-40X5/16
335-1084-ND R4-40X3/8 SCREW PHILLIPS PAN R4-40X3/8
335-1085-ND R4-40X7/16 SCREW PHILLP PAN 4-40X7/16
335-1086-ND R4-40X1/2 SCREW PHILLPS PAN 4-40X1/2
335-1087-ND R4-40X5/8 SCREW PHILLPS PAN 4-40X5/8
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