MP400FC Power Op Amp and Evaluation Kit

High Voltage, High Speed Power Operational Amplifier Features Onboard Switch Mode Power Supply

  598-1483-ND     MP400FC Power Op Amp
Product ImageThe MP400FC combines a high voltage, high speed precision power op amp with a supply voltage boost function in an integrated thermally conductive module. The voltage boost function uses a switch mode power supply (SMPS) to boost the input power supply voltage. This allows the user the benefits of using his standard 12V or 24V buss without the need to design a high voltage supply to power the op amp. The SMPS voltage is adjustable from 50-350V, allowing for op amp output voltages up to 340V. External phase compensation provides the user with the flexibility to tailor gain, slew rate and bandwidth for a specific application. The unique design of this amplifier provides extremely high slew rates in pulse applications while maintaining low quiescent current.     Datasheet     Circuit Diagram
  Low Cost and a Wide Common Mode Range
  Standard Supply Voltage (Single Supply: 10V to 50V)
  Output Current - 150mA Continuous
  Output Voltage 50-350V
  350 V/µS Slew Rate and 200 kHz Power Bandwidth
  Piezoelectric positioning and Actuation
  Electrostatic Deflection
  Deformable Mirror Actuators
  Chemical and Biological Stimulators

  598-1484-ND     EK65 Evaluation Kit for MP400FC
EK65 Image
The EK65 Evaluation kit is designed to provide a convenient way to breadboard and evaluate design ideas for the MP400FC power operational amplifier. The evaluation board is pre-wired for all required external components. The evaluation board has been laid out and labeled to easily configure the high voltage operational amplifier in a noninverting differential configuration for single supply operation using the MP400FC boost supply (Refer to applications note 21). However, the evaluation board is flexible enough to analyze a multitude of standard or proprietary circuit configurations.
 Additional Information

  Heatsink and Cage Jack – Support Components
HS26 Image
The HS26 heatsink is mechanically compatible with this amplifier. The thermal rating for the HS26 with optimum mounting in free air is 0.5°C/W. Forced air at 150LFPM will reduce thermal resistance to 0.37°C/W while an air flow of 500LFPM will further reduce thermal resistance to 0.2°C/W.      Datasheet
MS11 Image
The MS11 Cage Jack consists of a carrier strip of 30 cage jacks. The strip can easily be cut to any desired number of cage jacks. These are mounted directly in a printed circuit board. After soldering, the carrier is pulled off the cage jacks. Use a spacer between the PCB and the heatsink to avoid short circuits.      Datasheet