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Stainless Steel Keypads

Security keypads from APEM designed to resist harsh environments

APEM's Stainless Steel Keypads APEM introduces standard, off-the-shelf, NEMA 4 face-sealed stainless steel keypads. They are a quick, low-cost solution for beta test prototypes or they can be designed into the final product. When customized membrane switches are needed Digi-Key works with APEM to design, develop and produce the customized keypad to fit the project’s specific needs.

Professional security keypads are designed to resist harsh environments like bad weather exposure, stains, and severe temperature variations. They also hold up to abuse such as scratching, shock, burns, or vandalism. Digi-Key and APEM’s standard, off-the-shelf stainless steel keypads are supplied with a sealing ring.

Customized version may be supplied for front or rear mounting to the customer’s panel. Thanks to its modular concept, APEM's stainless steel keypads can also be customized. Highlighted below are some key features and advantages of stainless steel keypads for standard or customized solutions. Datasheet

  • Standard "off-the-shelf" stainless steel keypads offer low cost, quick solution for beta testing and for designing into final product.
  • IP65 face sealed
  • Compact construction -- 16.5 mm minimum key spacing
  • Up to 3.2 mm PCB thickness to increase vandal resistance
  • Stainless steel AISI316L key tops
  • Laser marking or chemical etching
  • Backlighting with multiple color options
  • Long-travel keys for rapid data entry
  • PS2-USB interface for compatibility
  • Tactile feedback by snap-domes
  • Modular key modules
  • Encryption option
  • Up to IK09 impact protection

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description
679-2642-ND 59820004 SINGLE KEY T1PR MODEL
679-2644-ND 59820005 SNGL KEY T1PR2L RED/GRN 2LED/KEY
679-2645-ND 59820003 4-KEY T4PR MODEL NON-ILLUM
679-2646-ND 59820008 4-KEY T4PRF FRNT FRAME NON-ILLUM
679-2649-ND 59820001 12-KEY T12PR NON-ILLUMINATED
679-2651-ND 59820011 12-KEY T12PRF W/FRAME NON-ILLUM
679-2653-ND 59820017 12-KEY T12PRFF W/FRAME NON-ILLUM
679-2655-ND 59820002 16-KEY T16PR WO/FRAME NON-ILLUM
679-2656-ND 59820014 16-KEY T16PRF W/FRAME NON-ILLUM
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