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Data Converters

AD9635: Dual, 12-Bit, 80 MSPS/125 MSPS Serial LVDS 1.8 V ADC


Key Features

  • Small footprint: Two ADCs are contained in a small, space saving package
  • Low power: The AD9635 uses 115 mW/channel at 125 MSPS with scalable power options
  • Pin-compatible with the AD9645, a 14-bit dual ADC
  • Ease of Use: A data clock output (DCO) operates at frequencies of up to 500 MHz and supports double data rate (DDR) operation
  • User flexibility: The SPI control offers a wide range of flexible features to meet specific system requirements


  • Diversity radio systems
  • Multimode digital receivers
  • I/Q demodulation systems
  • Broadband data applications
  • Battery-powered instruments
  • Hand held scope meters
  • Portable medical imaging and ultrasound
  • Radar/LIDAR
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AD5316: 2.5 V to 5.5 V, 400 µA, 2-Wire Interface Quad Voltage Output 10-Bit DAC


Key Features

  • Available in a 16-lead microSOIC package
  • Low power, single supply operation from 2.5 V to 5.5 V supply
  • Consumes 1.2 mW at 3 V and 2.5 mW at 5 V
  • Rail-to-Rail output with a slew rate of 0.7 V/µs
  • Multiple devices can share the same bus
  • 2-wire serial interface with clock rates up to 400 kHz
  • Pin- and software-compatible with the AD5306 (8-bit) and the AD5326 (12-bit)


  • Portable battery-powered instruments
  • Digital gain and offset adjustment
  • Programmable voltage and current sources
  • Programmable attenuators
  • Industrial process control
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AD5684 (12-Bit) & AD5686 (16-Bit): Quad, nanoDAC+™ with SPI Interface


Key Features

  • High relative accuracy (INL): ±1 LSB maximum
  • Excellent DC performance:
    • Total unadjusted error: ±0.1% of FSR maximum
    • Offset error: ±1.5 mV maximum
    • Gain error: ±0.1% of FSR maximum
  • Two package options: 3 mm × 3 mm, 16-lead LFCSP and 16-lead TSSOP


  • Digital gain and offset adjustment
  • Programmable attenuators
  • Process control (PLC I/O cards)
  • Industrial automation
  • Data acquisition systems
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AD7091R: 1 MSPS, Ultralow Power, 12-Bit ADC with on-chip Reference in 10-lead LFCSP and MSOP


Key Features

  • Lowest power 12-bit SAR ADC available
    • 349 μA typical at 3 V and 1 MSPS
    • 264 nA typical at 3 V in power-down mode
    • Flexible power/throughput rate management
  • Precision:
    • ±1 LSB max INL
  • Small package:
    • Available in 2mm x 3mm10-lead LFCSP, with alternative pinned MSOP package


  • Instrumentation and Measurement
    • Battery- and USB-powered systems
    • Data acquisition systems
  • Consumer
    • Battery powered devices
  • Communications
    • Optical systems
    • Mobile communications
  • Medical
    • Battery operated medical instruments
    • Electrocardiograms and heart rate monitors
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AD9914: 3.5 GSPS Direct Digital Synthesizer with 12-bit DAC


Key Features

  • 3.5 GSPS internal clock speed
  • Integrated 12-bit DAC
  • Frequency tuning resolution to 190 pHz
  • 16-bit phase tuning resolution
  • 12-bit amplitude scaling
  • Programmable modulus
  • Automatic linear and nonlinear frequency sweeping capability


  • Agile LO frequency synthesis
  • Programmable clock generator
  • FM chirp source for radar and scanning systems
  • Test and measurement equipment
  • Acousto-optic device drivers
  • Polar modulator
  • Fast frequency hopping
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AD8122: Triple Differential Receiver with 300m Adjustable Cable Equalization


Key Features

  • Compensates cables up to 300 meters for wideband video
    • 60 MHz equalized BW at 300 meters of UTP cable
    • 120 MHz equalized BW at 150 meters of UTP cable
  • Fast time domain performance
    • 70 ns settling time to 1% at 300 meters of UTP cable
    • 7 ns rise/fall times with 2 V step at 300 meters of UTP cable
  • 3 frequency response gain adjustment pins
    • High frequency peaking adjustment (VPEAK)
    • Output low-pass filter cutoff adjustment (VFILTER)
    • Broadband flat gain adjustment (VGAIN)
  • Selectable for UTP or coaxial compensation


  • Keyboard-video-mouse (KVM)
  • Digital signage
  • RGB video over UTP cables
  • Professional video projection and distribution
  • HD video
  • Security video
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AD9559: Dual PLL Quad Input Multiservice Line Card Adaptive Clock Translator


Key Features

  • Supports:
    •  GR-1244 Stratum 3 stability in holdover mode
    • Smooth reference switchover with virtually no disturbance on output phase
    • Telcordia GR-253 jitter generation, transfer, and tolerance for SONET/SDH up to OC-192 systems
    •  ITU-T G.8262 synchronous Ethernet slave clocks
    • ITU-T G.823, G.824, G.825, and G.8261
  • Auto/manual holdover and reference switchover
  • Adaptive clocking allows dynamic adjustment of feedback dividers for use in OTN mapping/demapping applications
  • Dual digital PLL architecture with four reference inputs (single-ended or differential)


  • Network synchronization, including synchronous Ethernet and OTN mapping/de-mapping
  • Cleanup of reference clock jitter
  • SONET/SDH clocks up to OC-192, including FEC
  • Stratum 3 holdover, jitter cleanup, and phase transient control
  • Wireless base station controllers
  • Cable infrastructure
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ADA4096-2: 30 V, Micropower, Overvoltage Protection, RRIO Dual Op Amp


Key Features

  • Input overvoltage protection, 32 V above and below the supply rails
  • No phase reversal for input voltage up to ±32 V beyond the power supply
  • Rail-to-rail input and output swing
  • Low power: 60 μA per amplifier typical
  • Unity-gain bandwidth
    • 800 kHz typical @ VSY = ±15 V
    • 550 kHz typical @ VSY = ±5 V
    • 465 kHz typical @ VSY = ±1.5 V
  • Single-supply operation: 3 V to 30 V low offset voltage: 300 μV maximum


  • Battery monitoring
  • Sensor conditioners
  • Portable power supply control
  • Portable instrumentation
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Analog Front End

ADAS1000: Low Power, 5-Electrode Electrocardiogram (ECG) Analog Front End (AFE)


Key Features

  • Biopotential signals in; digitized signals out
  • 5 acquisition (ECG) channels and one driven lead
  • Parallel ICs for up to 10+ electrode measurements
    • Master ADAS1000 or ADAS1000-1 used with Slave ADAS1000-2
    • AC and DC lead-off detection
  • Internal pace detection algorithm on 3 leads
  • Thoracic impedance measurement (internal/external path)
  • Selectable reference lead
  • Scalable noise vs. power control, power-down modes
  • Low power operation from 11 mW (1 lead), 14 mW (3 leads), 21 mW (all electrodes)


  • ECG: monitor and diagnostic
  • Bedside patient monitoring
  • Portable telemetry
  • Cardiac defibrillators
  • Ambulatory monitors
  • Pacemaker programmer
  • Patient transport
  • Stress testing
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ADG5206: High Voltage, Latch-Up Proof, 16-Channel Multiplexer


Key Features

  • Trench isolation guards against latch-up
  • Optimal switch design for low charge injection, low switch capacitance and low leakage currents
  • Dual-supply operation up to ±22 V
  • Single-supply operation up to 40 V


  • Automatic test equipment
  • Data acquisition
  • Instrumentation
  • Avionics
  • Battery monitoring
  • Communication systems
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ADIS16448: Low Noise, High Stability Ten Degree of Freedom MEMS Inertial Sensor


Key Features

  • Triaxial digital gyroscope with digital range scaling
    • ±250°/sec, ±500°/sec, ±1000°/sec settings
    • Axis-to-axis alignment, <0.05°
  • Triaxial digital accelerometer, ±18 g minimum
  • Triaxial digital magnetometer, ±1.9 gauss minimum
  • Digital barometer, 10 mbar to 1200 mbar
    • Calibrated pressure range: 300 mbar to 1100 mbar
  • Autonomous operation and data collection
    • No external configuration commands required
    • 192 ms start-up time


  • Platform stabilization and control
  • Navigation
  • Robotics
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Power Management

ADP1614: 650 kHz /1.3 MHz, 4 A, Step-Up, PWM, DC-to-DC Switching Converter


Key Features

  • Adjustable current limit, up to 4 A
  • 2.5 V to 5.5 V input voltage range
  • 650 kHz or 1.3 MHz fixed frequency option
  • Adjustable output voltage, up to 20 V


  • TFT LCD bias supplies
  • Portable applications
  • Industrial/instrumentation equipmen
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ADUCM360: Low Power Precision Analog Microcontroller, ARM Cortex M3 with dual Sigma-Delta ADCs


Key Features

  • Analog input/output dual 24-bit ADCs (ADuCM360)
  • Single 24-bit ADC (ADuCM361)
  • Programmable ADC output rate (3.5 Hz to 3.906 kHz) simultaneous 50 Hz/60 Hz noise rejection
  • At 50 SPS continuos conversion mode
  • At 16.67 SPS single conversion mode
  • Flexible input mux for input channel selection to both ADCs


  • Industrial automation and process control
  • Intelligent precision sensing systems
  •  4 to 20 mA loop-powered smart sensor systems
  • Medical devices, patient monitoring
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