Analog Devices, Inc. Isolated Gate Driver

Utilizing ADI’s proven iCoupler® digital isolator technology, the isolated gate driver portfolio offers designers performance, safety and reliability advantages over solutions using optocouplers or high voltage gate drivers while saving valuable board space.

iCoupler Isolated Gate Drivers Overcome the Limitations of Optocoupler- and High Voltage-based Gate Drivers Solutions

iCoupler Isolated Gate Driver Solution

*red dots or dashes indicate the isolation barrier
  • Small single package solution
  • Fastest timing enables higher switching speeds for higher power densities and better efficiency in:
    • AC/DC converters, DC/DC converters, inverters, motor control
  • Standard CMOS enables high-reliability at low cost
    • 125°C operation temperature
    • 50-year life for 400V rms working voltage
  • Balanced push-pull output stage simplifies gate driving
  • True galvanic isolation between outputs seperates high and low side minimizing cross conduction
    • 700V output-to-output isolation

Optocoupler Gate Driver Limitations

*red dots or dashes indicate the isolation barrier
  • Poor timing performance
    • Requires longer dead-time effecting overall efficiency
    • Long propagation delays ≥350ns
    • Part-to-part variation ≥200ns
    • Difference between rise and fall times ≥100ns
  • LED wearout
    • Limits the lifetime to <10 years of operation at high temperature
    • Most rated for operation to 85°C

High Voltage Gate Driver Limitations

*red dots or dashes indicate the isolation barrier
  • Latch-up when Glitches Go Beyond the Supply Voltage
    • Rely on junction isolation which can breakdown and cause latch-up
    • Latch-up related shoot through best avoided with galvanic isolation

iCoupler Isolated Gate Driver Specifications

Output-to-Output Configuration Same GND Isolated Isolated
Input-to-Output Isolation Voltage 2.5kVrms 3kVrms 5kVrms
Reinforced Isolation per VDE-0884 No No Yes
Overlap Protection ADuM3220 Yes
ADuM3221 No
Selectable Selectable
Packaged SO-8 SO-16 WSO-16
UVLO Level Option A B A B C A B C
4V 7V 4V 7V 11V 4V 7V 11V
Orderable Part Number ADuM3220ARZ (-RL7)
ADuM3220BRZ (-RL7)
ADuM3221BRZ (-RL7)
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iCoupler Digital Isolator Technology

iCoupler Digital Isolator Technology

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