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AS8530 - System Basis Chip

The AS8530 is a general purpose System Basis Chip for LIN sensors

AS8530 The ams AS8530 is a general purpose System Basis Chip for LIN sensor and actuator slaves. It provides a LIN transceiver and a voltage regulator to operate the electronic unit and its microcontroller from a car battery supply. It also offers a 2-wire microcontroller interface through shared pins to communicate configuration, diagnostic, and status data to the microcontroller in order to trigger a window watchdog and to access eight backup registers. All of this functionality is provided in an 8-pin SOIC package.

The device is designed in a high voltage CMOS process. Besides a LIN transceiver, linear low drop voltage regulator and reset generator, a 2-wire microcontroller interface is available through shared EN and TX pins that access diagnostic and status information, to trigger the watchdog timer and to access backup registers that stay powered during VCC shut down.

  • LIN 2.1 transceiver
  • LDO for 5 V or 3.3 V output – selected by factory programming
  • Serial 2-wire interface for diagnosis and status readout, watch dog trigger, backup register access
  • Normal-, standby or sleep operating modes
  • Window watch dog
  • Reset generator with factory programmable reset time
  • Output voltage monitor with factory adjustable level
  • Unique chip ID for traceability

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