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AS8510 Data Acquisition Device

The AS8510 is tailored to accurately measure battery current

AS8510The ams AS8510 is a virtually offset free, low noise, 2-channel measurement device. It is tailored to accurately measure battery current from mA range up to kA range in combination with a 100 μΩ shunt resistor connected in series with the battery rail. Through the second measurement channel it enables capture of either battery voltage synchronous with the current or to measure the analog output of an internal or external temperature sensor. It offers for each channel a programmable gain amplifier with four gain stages followed by a 16 bit Sigma Delta AD converter.

The device includes a number of additional application specific features as digital filter to shape the signal paths frequency response, operating mode selection including low power current monitoring with wake function through threshold comparator, internal precision reference, RC clock generator for normal- and low power modes, interrupt output for device synchronization,and timers for single shot sampling.

  • Control signals for external high side PGA including zero offset architecture
  • Precision 1.2 V reference – temperature trimmed
  • Precision on chip 4 MHz oscillator for external use
  • 3.3 V supply voltage, 4 mA operating, 40 μA in monitoring standby mode
  • Offset auto zero architecture <1LSB
  • Output noise <1LSB at gain 25, 1 kHz sampling rate
  • Digital filter options for both channels, matched frequency response
  • Independent sample rates for both channels
  • SPI interface, conversion ready interrupt signal
  • Internal temperature sensor

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