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ExpressPort™ SFP+ 2xN Combos Cage/Connector

ExpressPort™ SFP+ 2xN Combos Cage/ConnectorAmphenol Commercial Products' ExpressPort™ SFP+ 2xN Combos expand Amphenol’s SFP series product offering to provide data transfer speeds of up to 10 Gbps. This is a high speed I/O interconnect system providing a higher speed, inexpensive External I/O product, primarily for the networking, telecom and storage systems markets. ExpressPort™ SFP+ 2xN Combos consists of a special stacked connector system and a cage with compliant press-fit pin tails. These cages also feature the removal of ventilation holes near the front of the cage to eliminate potential catch points for the mating module EMI springs.
Applications: Network switches, routers, servers, telecommunications, storage devices. RoHS Compliant
General Requirements
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Dust cover for front face is available (bulk packed)
  • Combos are tray packaging
  • Temperature rating -55C° to 85C°
  • Industry standard EIA-364
  • Press fit cage and connector combo for minimum 1.57±10% mm (0.0625") PCB thickness
Mechanical Characteristics
  • 2XN 20-position, 0.8mm pitch press fit termination receptacle
  • Card entry slot accepts 1.0mm-thick integrated circuit cards
  • Accepts multiple transceivers per INF-8074i
  • Durability of 250 mating cycles for 30 micro-inches gold versions
  • Connectors shall be of the design, construction and physical dimensions specified on the applicable product drawings
Electrical Characteristics
  • Hot swappable
  • Allows module swapping
  • Operating voltage 30V AC at 0.5A maximum
  • Cages include spring contacts for superior EMI grounding
  • Contact resistance 70 mΩ max
  • Insulation resistance 1000MΩ minimum
  • DWV 300V DC for 60 seconds
  • Differential impedance 100Ω +/- 10Ω
  • Common mode impedance 25Ω
  • Differential insertion loss -0.5dB (0.25 to 5 GHz) and -0.5-5.77*log (f/5GHz) db (5.0 to 15GHz)
  • Differential return loss -15dB (.25 to 5GHz) -15+30*log (f/5GHz) dB (5.0 to 11.1 GHz)
Material Requirements
Unless otherwise specified, the materials for each component shall be:
  • Electrical connector chicklets
    • Contact area to have 15µ" and 30µ" gold option over 50µ" nickel on mating area
    • Press fit termination to have 100-300µ" tin-lead over 50µ" nickel
    • Molding body LCP
  • Housings: Glass-reinforced, thermoplastic, UL 94 V-0 rated
  • Cage: Copper alloy, nickel plating
  • Spring clip: Copper alloy, nickel plating
  • Optional thermoplastic dust covers.

Digi-Key Part NumberAmphenol Part NumberDescription
U86-D1427-10121-ND U86-D1427-10121 CONN SFP+ 2X1 CAGE EMI LIGHTPIP
U86-D1627-10121-ND U86-D1627-10121 CONN SFP+ 2X1 CAGE/COMBO LIGHTS
U86-D2427-10121-ND U86-D2427-10121 CONN SFP+ 2X2 CAGE/COMBO LIGHTS
U86-D2627-10121-ND U86-D2627-10121 CONN SFP+ 2X2 CAGE/COMBO LIGHTS
U86-D4427-10121-ND U86-D4427-10121 CONN SFP+ 2X4 CAGE/COMBO LIGHTS
U86-D4627-10121-ND U86-D4627-10121 CONN SFP+ 2X4 CAGE/COMBO LIGHTS
U86-D6427-10121-ND U86-D6427-10121 CONN SFP+ 2X6 CAGE/COMBO LIGHTS
U86-D6627-10121-ND U86-D6627-10121 CONN SFP+ 2X6 CAGE/COMBO LIGHTS