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AS Series Inrush Current Limiters

Ametherm and Digi-Key introduce the AS series of inrush current limiters

Ametherm's AS series of inrush current limiters are designed to protect electronic components from damaging levels of inrush current at start up. AS series devices withstand from 6 to 50 A of steady state current and 300 to 900 J of input energy, with a range of resistance values from .5 to 50 Ω. Ametherm's AS Series Inrush Current Limiters

  • Audio amplifiers
  • Medical and security equipment including MRI and X-ray machines
  • Hand driers
  • Motor drives

  • Faster reset time
  • Extremely reliable and durable
  • No derating at lower temperatures
  • RoHS compliant with exemption
RoHS Compliant

Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description  
570-1103-ND AS32 0R536 CUR LIMITER INRUSH 0.5 OHM 36 A Datasheet
570-1104-ND AS32 1R030 CUR LIMITER INRUSH 1.0 OHM 30 A Datasheet
570-1105-ND AS32 2R025 CUR LIMITER INRUSH 2.0 OHM 25 A Datasheet
570-1106-ND AS32 5R020 CUR LIMITER INRUSH 5.0 OHM 20 A Datasheet
570-1107-ND AS32 10015 CURRNT LIMITER INRUSH 10 OHM 15 A Datasheet
570-1108-ND AS32 20010 CURRNT LIMITER INRUSH 20 OHM 10 A Datasheet
570-1109-ND AS32 50006 CURRENT LIMITER INRUSH 50 OHM 6 A Datasheet
570-1110-ND AS35 0R550 CUR LIMITER INRUSH 0.50 OHM 50 A Datasheet
570-1111-ND AS35 1R040 CURNT LIMITER INRUSH 1.0 OHM 40 A Datasheet
570-1112-ND AS35 2R035 CURNT LIMITER INRUSH 2.0 OHM 35 A Datasheet
570-1113-ND AS35 3R030 CURNT LIMITER INRUSH 3.0 OHM 30 A Datasheet
570-1114-ND AS35 5R025 CURNT LIMITER INRUSH 5.0 OHM 25 A Datasheet
570-1115-ND AS35 10018 CUR LIMITER INRUSH 10.0 OHM 18 A Datasheet
570-1116-ND AS35 20010 CURNT LIMITER INRUSH 20 OHM 10 A Datasheet