3M Distributor

Ribbon Cable Assemblies

Digi-Key value-added, pressed-on rectangular assemblies feature 3M brand components

3M's ready-to-use harnesses are assembled from .050" pitch flat ribbon cable terminated to industry-standard wire-mount IDC (insulation displacement contact) sockets from 3M. Designed on a .100" x .100" grid, they are suitable for a wide range of wire-to-board applications found in communications networking equipment, medical devices, industrial/factory automation equipment, infotainment/gaming systems, COTs military applications, and many more. You can be assured the 3M parts you purchase meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. 3M quality-control procedures are among the best in the electronics industry. Product designs are subjected to testing criteria that exceed industry standards: salt fog, thermal shock, elevated temperature/current, and mechanical vibration. These rigorous tests are used to simulate long-term operating conditions and confirm product performance.

For more information, please see the Ribbon Cable Assemblies Guide
3M's Ribbon Cable Assemblies