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Power Clamp Connectors and Cables Solutions

3M’s reliable and cost-effective connectivity for industrial control systems

3M - Power Clamp Connectors and Cables Solutions3M's Power Clamp connectors and cable solutions is a discrete wiring solution designed to provide connection reliability and cost performance in I/O applications that are commonly found in a wide range of industrial controls systems, networking systems, medical equipment, and factory automation.

Power Clamp products use 3M’s insulation displacement connector (IDC) technology. The 3M Power Clamp offering uses the IDC contacts to terminate to both flat ribbon and discrete wire. The wire and cables do not require special preparation like stripping or tinning. Simply cut the wires or cable to length, place the wires into the cover, and squeeze the cover into the body with a standard pair of pliers. No special tooling is required in order to achieve a quality and reliable termination. The simple installation process does not create material debris or waste and potentially saves labor relative to traditional interconnect wire termination alternatives. 3M Power Clamp connectors are designed with color-coded covers to allow for proper wire usage, wire alignment, and retention. This enables proper wire termination. The connectors have an integrated wire guide built into the cover, which provides reliable positioning of the individual wires. Polarizing tabs help ensure proper mating, and latching devices help provide a reliable connection, even under difficult conditions such as mechanical stress and vibration commonly found in industrial environments.

The 3M Power Clamp solution is designed to provide outstanding, reliable electrical connections between sensors, power supplies, drives, and control units, helping to keep them running at peak performance. The solution significantly reduces the amount of control and power wiring needed in today’s complex production lines, potentially saving both space and cost. In addition, the connectors are easy to install and do not require special installation tools.

  • One-touch latching mechanism maintains a reliable interconnection in demanding field applications and requires only one hand to easily mate and unmate
  • Polarization ensures proper interconnecting of mated pairs
  • Easy, labor saving, and reliable IDC termination
  • CC-Link Communication Interconnect Standard
  • RoHS compliant

Digi-Key P/N 3M P/N Description Type Datasheet
3M9653-ND 35505-6080-A00GF CONN SKT 2.2-3MM CLEAR WIREMNT Socket Datasheet
3M9654-ND 35505-6180-A00GF CONN SKT 2-2.3MM BLUE WIREMNT Socket Datasheet
3M9655-ND 35505-6200-A00GF CONN SKT 1.6-2MM YELLOW WIREMNT Socket Datasheet
3M9656-ND 35605-5153-A00PE CONN HEADER .5MM A POL BRDMNT Blade Pin Datasheet
3M9657-ND 35605-5153-AP0PE CONN HEADER 1.7MM A POL BRDMNT Blade Pin Datasheet
3M9658-ND 35605-6114-A00PE CONN HEADER A POL BRDMNT Blade Pin Datasheet
3M9645-ND 35610-5253-A00PE CONN HEADER RA DUAL A POL Blade Pin Datasheet
3M9659-ND 35610-6224-A00PE CONN HEADER A POL DUAL Blade Pin Datasheet
3M9646-ND 35715-L010-A00AK CONN SKT 1 TO 2 TYPE Y Connectors Datasheet
3M9660-ND 35720-L200-A00AK CONN SOCKET 2 TO 2 TYPE H Connectors Datasheet
3M9647-ND 35805-6080-A00GF CONN SKT 2.2-3MM CLEAR Plug Datasheet
3M9648-ND 35805-6080-AP0GF CONN SKT 2.2-3MM CLEAR PNLMNT Plug Datasheet
3M9649-ND 35805-6180-A00GF CONN SKT 2.0-2.3MM BLUE Plug Datasheet
3M9650-ND 35805-6180-AP0GF CONN SKT 2.0-2.3MM BLUE PNLMNT Plug Datasheet
3M9651-ND 35805-6200-A00GF CONN SKT 1.6-2MM YELLOW Plug Datasheet
3M9652-ND 35805-6200-AP0GF CONN SKT 1.6-2MM YELLOW PNLMNT Plug Datasheet