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158 Socket and 159 Header Series

3M's 158 socket and 159 header series products offer space-compact, cable-to-board connection solutions

3M's line of 2 mm pitch ribbon cable to PCB interconnects consists of an IDC-style cable mount socket (158 series) and a shrouded PCB header in multiple configurations (159 series). Each series is available in multiple tiered offerings with a broad array of competitive options. Ribbon cable sockets and their mating headers are prevalent in a very broad array of applications including industrial production equipment, communications, military, aerospace, computer, and datacom.
3M's 158 Socket and 159 Header Series

3M's 158 series ribbon cable sockets platform is the only known product line in the industry to offer this combination of unique configurations:
  • 30 µ" Au plating version with adhesive-backed cover for robust termination, improved strain relief, and discrete wire capability
  • 30 µ" and 15 µ" Au version with a pre-assembled cover and packaged on 3M's innovative "sword pack" to enable higher speed termination operations versus traditional separated cover termination methods
  • Available friction-latch configurations enable increased protection against accidental disconnect

Shrouded 159 series boardmount headers are designed to maximize design flexibility while minimizing PCB footprint. They mate to Ribbon Cable Sockets 158 Series, and are available in the following configurations:
  • 30 µ" and 15 µ" Au versions
  • Vertical mount, thru-hole and surface mount
  • Right angle mount, thru-hole
  • Extended shroud version available to mate to 3M brand molded cable assemblies series 87

158 Series
Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description
158108-1100-ND 158108-1100 CABLE RIBBON SKT 2MM 8POS GOLD Datasheet
158110-1100-ND 158110-1100 CABLE RIBBON SKT 2MM 10POS GOLD
158120-1100-ND 158120-1100 CABLE RIBBON SKT 2MM 20POS GOLD
158126-1100-ND 158126-1100 CABLE RIBBON SKT 2MM 26POS GOLD
158134-1100-ND 158134-1100 CABLE RIBBON SKT 2MM 34POS GOLD
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159 Series
Digi-Key P/N Manufacturer P/N Description
159110-6012-ND 159110-6012 CONN HEADER 2MM 10POS VERT GOLD Datasheet
159126-5002-ND 159126-5002 CONN HEADER 2MM 26POS R/A GOLD
159134-5002-ND 159134-5002 CONN HEADER 2MM 34POS R/A GOLD
159134-6002-ND 159134-6002 CONN HEADER 2MM 34POS VERT GOLD
159208-5012-ND 159208-5012 CONN HEADER 2MM 8POS R/A GOLD
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