Phoenix Contact PTF PCB Connectors

Phoenix Contact has compact connectors for flexible LED strips

The new PTF PCB connector is a compact, high-performance connection system used to easily connect 8 mm-wide flexible LED strips. Quick installation with tool-less clamping saves time and installation costs and reduces errors. Simply squeeze the connector onto the cut LED strip, and the PTF will connect with the card edge-style contacts. Once the connector has been depressed, a locking pin secures the connector to the flexible LED board.

These connectors come in three options: two-wire for power, four-wire for signal and power, and board-to-board. A rubber sleeve is available to make this connection IP54 if the application requires.

Features and benefits
  • Easy operation saves time and reduces errors
  • Locking pin ensures secure connection to PCB
  • Pre-assembled connector and wire of 0.5 meters
  • Optional sleeve enables IP54 connections
  • Up to 5 A and 25 V
  • Operating temperature between -30°C and +70°C
  • Flexible LED strips 8 mm wide

PTF PCB connectors

Manufacturer Part Number Description Available Quantity Datasheets
1826091 CONN PLUG 2POS 1.8MM 96
1826114 CONN PLUG 4POS 1.8MM 163
1826101 CONN PLUG 4POS 1.8MM 207