TMC248 Micro-Stepping Motor Drivers

Trinamic's TMC248 are smart power micro-stepping motor drivers with a PWM interface for absolute noiseless motor-control at low-velocities

The TMC248 is a smart, high-current micro-stepping driver for bipolar stepper motors. With it's PWM interface it allows for completely noiseless stepper-motor control. Controlled via SPI, the integrated unique sensorless stall detection technology, stallGuard™, makes it a good choice for applications where a reference point is needed but where a switch cannot be used. The ability to predict an overload makes the TMC248 an optimum choice for drives where high-reliability is desired. It includes an SPI interface as well as traditional analog/digital control.

A full-set of protection and diagnostic features makes this device very rugged. It directly drives external MOSFETs for currents up to 6 A. This level of integration enables extremely-high-efficiency and allows driving of a high-motor current without cooling measures, even at high-environment temperatures. With the chip-scale QFN package, a 4 A motor driver can be realized on the size of a postage stamp. The high-motor current makes this device ideal for miniaturized, highly-dynamic and high-torque drive systems.

TMC429-LA Stepper Motor Controllers


Manufacturer Part Number Description Available Quantity Datasheets
TMC429+TMC24X-EVAL EVAL MOD TMC429,246,248,249 6