Tight Tolerance "Super Miniature" Crystal - ECX-1637/2236 (CKM)

ECS Crystals provide high-reliability, long-term stability, and are ideal for microprocessor applications

Because they provide high-reliability and long-term stability, ECS Crystals are ideal for microprocessor applications. All products feature low series resistance, precision frequency selection, and stable frequency tolerance within their specified temperature range.

Available in Tape and Reel (TR-ND), Cut Tape (CT-ND), and custom Digi-Reel® (DKR-ND).

Different views of ECX-1637/2236

  • 24.00 MHz ~ 80.00 MHz frequency range (1637)
  • 16.00 MHz ~ 80.00 MHZ frequency range (2236)
  • ±10 ppm frequency stability from -20°C ~ +70°C
  • 1.6 x 2.0 x 0.45 mm footprint / 2.0 x 2.5 x 0.55 mm footprint
  • RoHS compliant - meets requirements for re-flow profiling using lead-free solder
  • Excellent shock and vibration characteristics
  • Hand-held computing, POS terminals, medical sensors, RFID, telecommunications, tracking devices, migration tracking, and more


Manufacturer Part Number Description Available Quantity Datasheets
ECS-160-8-36CKM CRYSTAL 16.0000MHZ 8PF SMD 3142
ECS-184-8-36CKM CRYSTAL 18.4320MHZ 8PF SMD 2410
ECS-192-8-36CKM CRYSTAL 19.2000MHZ 8PF SMD 1833
ECS-200-8-36CKM CRYSTAL 20.0000MHZ 8PF SMD 2846
ECS-240-8-36CKM CRYSTAL 24.0000MHZ 8PF SMD 4697
ECS-250-8-36CKM CRYSTAL 25.0000MHZ 8PF SMD 2742
ECS-260-8-36CKM CRYSTAL 26.0000MHZ 8PF SMD 1738
ECS-270-8-36CKM CRYSTAL 27.0000MHZ 8PF SMD 6847
ECS-300-8-36CKM CRYSTAL 30.0000MHZ 8PF SMD 1642
ECS-320-8-36CKM CRYSTAL 32.0000MHZ 8PF SMD 1758
ECS-400-8-36CKM CRYSTAL 40.0000MHZ 8PF SMD 15234


Manufacturer Part Number Description Available Quantity Datasheets
ECS-200-8-37CKM CRYSTAL 20.0000MHZ 8PF SMD 1829
ECS-240-8-37CKM CRYSTAL 24.0000MHZ 8PF SMD 3505
ECS-260-8-37CKM CRYSTAL 26.0000MHZ 8PF SMD 1462
ECS-270-8-37CKM CRYSTAL 27.0000MHZ 8PF SMD 1318
ECS-320-8-37CKM CRYSTAL 32.0000MHZ 8PF SMD 3006
ECS-360-8-37CKM CRYSTAL 36.0000MHZ 8PF SMD 1777
ECS-300-8-37CKM CRYSTAL 30.0000MHZ 8PF SMD 3967