Texas Instruments ADS8319 Miniature SAR ADC

16-bit, 500 KSPS, serial interface microPOWER analog-to-digital converter from TI

Texas Instruments' ADS8319 is a 16-bit, 500 KSPS analog-to-digital converter. It operates with a 2.25 to 5.5 V external reference. The device includes a capacitor-based, SAR A/D converter with inherent sample and hold. The device includes a 50 MHz SPI-compatible serial interface. The interface is designed to support daisy chaining or cascading of multiple devices. It also makes it easy to synchronize with the digital host.

The ADS8319 unipolar single-ended input range supports an input swing of 0 V to +VREF. Device operation is optimized for very-low-power operation, and the power consumption directly scales with speed. This feature makes it attractive for lower speed applications.

Data Converter Basics

ADS8319 Miniature SAR ADC

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