SRC - Sealed Rectangular Connectors

Molex offers next-generation, 84-way sealed rectangular connectors, with single-handed blind-mate functionality, use proven MX150™ and MX150L™ terminals to provide a hybrid, high power-and-signal circuit-count system for harsh applications in commercial vehicles

Commercial vehicle applications, especially agricultural machinery, are becoming more intelligent with increased wiring requirements and demands for hybrid technology. The new generation SRC family from Molex offers a rugged, sealed, wire-to-panel (bulkhead) and wire-to-wire hybrid connection system designed for high circuit-count applications in harsh environments. The primary location for this system is as the firewall connector, situated between the cab and the engine. However, SRC can also replace existing circular connectors in various in-vehicle applications.

The SRC system uses proven MX150™ terminals with current ratings up to 18.0 A and MX150L™ terminals with current ratings up to 40.0 A. Flexible standard or mixed power and signal options are available. The MX150 and MX150L terminal systems provide cost savings by eliminating the need to purchase, handle, and crimp individual wire seals. This proven terminal technology provides flexibility to increase circuit-count and allows for simple field repair and replacement of headers and connectors.

Accessories available include a conduit interface with cable exit variations. Tooling options include fine-adjust crimp press applicators for high-volume production and hand tools for low volume production and field repairs.

SRC - Sealed Rectangular Connectors

Manufacturer Part Number Description Available Quantity Datasheets
0932870001 SRC2 84PIN FEMALE RECPT 829
0850840700 SRC POWER 60+6 FEMALE RCPT 8
0932880001 SRC2 84PIN MALE HOUSING 259
0850830300 SRC POWER 60+6 MALE HOUSING 275