SlimStack™ 0.40 mm Pitch Board-to-Board Connectors

Low-profile, ultra-narrow-width connectors from Molex are ideal for tight packaging applications

Molex's SlimStack™ 0.40 mm connector family includes stack heights as low as 0.70 mm and widths as narrow as 2.50 mm. Many SlimStack 0.40 mm versions are intermateable and footprint compatible, which enables various stack heights without having to change the PCB pattern.

Unique features of the SlimStack 0.40 mm connectors include nickel-barrier plating to prevent solder-flux intrusion, friction locks for secure mating, a two-point contact-design version for additional contact reliability, and a high mating-retention version to withstand shock and vibration applications.

SlimStack™ SlimStack B8 0.40 mm Pitch Connectors

Manufacturer Part Number Description Available Quantity Datasheets
5037721010 0.4MM BTB RECPT 0.8MM 10 POS 3555
5037721610 0.4MM BTB RECPT 0.80MM 16POS 5801
5037722010 0.4MM BTB RECPT 0.80MM 20POS 4650
5037722410 0.4MM BTB RECPT 0.80MM 24POS 4030
5037723010 0.4MM BTB RECPT 0.80MM 30POS 8234
5037723410 0.4MM BTB RECPT 0.80MM 34POS 5086