SiC769/SiC769A/SiC762 Integrated Solutions (DrMOS)

Vishay's SiC769/SiC769A/SiC762 solutions provide high- and low-side N-channel MOSFETs

The SiC769/SiC769A/SiC762 are integrated solutions that contain PWM optimized N-channel MOSFETs (high-side and low-side) and a full-featured MOSFET driver IC. The device complies with the Intel DrMOS standard for desktop and server Vcore power stages. The SiC769/SiC769A/SiC762 deliver up to 35 A continuous output current, and operate from an input voltage range of 4 V to 24 V. The integrated MOSFETs are optimized for output voltages in the ranges of 0.8 V to 2.0 V with a nominal input voltage up to 20 V. The device can also deliver very-high power at 5 V output for ASIC applications.

The SiC769/SiC769A/SiC762 incorporate an advanced MOSFET gate-driver IC. This IC accepts a single PWM input from the VR controller and converts it into the high- and low-side MOSFET gate-drive signals. The driver IC is designed to implement the skip mode (SMOD) function for light-load efficiency improvement. Adaptive dead time control also works to improve efficiency at all load points. The SiC769/SiC769A/SiC762 have a thermal warning (THDN) that alerts the system of excessive junction temperature. The driver IC includes an enable pin, UVLO, and shoot-through protection.

The SiC769/SiC769A/SiC762 are optimized for high-frequency buck applications. Operating frequencies in excess of 1 MHz can easily be achieved. The SiC769/SiC769A/SiC762 are packaged in Vishay Siliconix high-performance PowerPAK® MLF6x6 packages. Compact co-packaging of components helps to reduce stray inductance, and increases efficiency.

Features Applications
  • Proprietary MCM package technology dramatically reduces the power losses and adverse electrical effects of parasitic impedances associated with high-frequency discrete power-stage implementations.
  • High-frequency switching improves transient response and reduces the cost of output filter components
  • Highest power density when used with multi-phase Vcore applications.
  • Saves PCB area and gives more space for the user’s key competitive technologies.
  • CPU and GPU core-voltage regulation
  • Servers, computers, workstations, game consoles, graphics boards, and PCs

SiC769/SiC769A/SiC762 Integrated Solutions

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