Series 3000 AC Axial Fans

ebm-papst Inc. AC fans are used when DC voltage is not available

AC fans are extremely common and used in a wide variety of applications including control cabinet cooling, beer coolers, cooling cabinets, wood-burning stoves, and medical devices; each application has different requirements for resistance to ambient influences.

These renowned AC fans are used when DC voltage is not available. The aerodynamic shape and external rotor shaded-pole motor of these 92 mm AC fans run with minimal noise at a high air-flow.

The 3000 series fans can run at 50 Hz or 60 Hz while maintaining a maintenance-free operation with overload protection. The fan housing and impeller are made of metal with an electrical connection of 2 lead wires (310 mm long). Fan types with sleeve bearings have AWG 18, TR 64 lead wires while the ones with ball bearings have AWG 18.

Moving Air Efficiently
  • Metal fan housing and impeller
  • Air exhaust over struts, rotational direction CW looking at rotor
  • Electrical connection via 2 leads, bare and tin-plated
  • Flat plug connection
  • 115 VAC and 230 VAC ratings

3000 Series

Manufacturer Part Number Description Available Quantity Datasheets
3606 FAN EXHAUST 92 X 38MM 115VAC 31
3906 FAN EXHAUST 92 X 25MM 115VAC 49
3600 FAN TUBEAXIAL 92X38MM 115VAC 70
3956 FAN TUBEAXIAL 92X25MM 230VAC 300