PZA Series Capacitors

Rubycon presents their PZA series of conductive polymer aluminum solid electrolytic capacitors

Rubycon's PZA series of conductive polymer aluminum solid electrolytic capacitors provides a working voltage up to 63 V that is much higher than that for the conventional capacitor. This will allow the conductive polymer capacitor into other electrolytic applications where the once low voltage range was an issue. They also feature outstanding resistance to ripple current and low ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) in high-frequency range, as well as quite less change in characteristics. They have a very long life at room temperature and range from -55ºC~+105ºC, and have a rating of 105ºC at 3,000 hours. The new series is suitable for current-filtering circuit for an inverter motor, backlight of LED, and IGBT gate-drive circuit as well as other power circuits for industrial and communication equipment. Other ideal applications would include choice noise limiting, smoothing circuit, and high ripple-current application circuits.

PZA Series Solid Polymer Electrolytic Capacitor

PZA Series

Manufacturer Part Number Description Available Quantity Datasheets
25PZA100M8X10 CAP POLY 100UF 25V 645
25PZA120M8X12.5 CAP POLY 120UF 25V 997
25PZA220M10X13 CAP POLY 220UF 25V 761
35PZA56M8X10 35VCAP POLY 56UF 975
35PZA82M8X12.5 35VCAP POLY 82UF 690
63PZA47M10X13 CAP POLY 47UF 63V 1697
50PZA33M8X10 CAP POLY 33UF 50V 953
50PZA39M8X12.5 CAP POLY 39UF 50V 990
50PZA68M10X13 CAP POLY 68UF 50V 3000
63PZA22M8X10 CAP POLY 22UF 63V 1996
63PZA27M8X12.5 CAP POLY 27UF 63V 996
35PZA150M10X13 35VCAP POLY 150UF 908