Picoflex® Connectors

Molex's Picoflex headers and receptacles provide high power and signal in a space-saving, robust, and reliable package for a range of wire-to-board applications

Power and signal Picoflex connectors provide high-density solutions when flat-flexible connectors are not appropriate. Available in circuit sizes from 4 to 26, Picoflex connectors mate with 1.27 mm cables, a worldwide industry standard. Tested to the high-vibration and shock requirements of the automotive, industrial, and consumer electronics industries, Picoflex is ideal for use in such diverse applications as solar applications, weighing systems, vehicle infotainment, computer peripherals, telecommunications, and portable heart monitors. Picoflex connectors have a mated height of 6.40 mm for vertical-mating configurations, which is approximately 15% less than traditional 1.27 mm connector systems. A strong one-piece upper housing provides excellent cable retention and is ideal for small circuit-size applications. The high-reliability contact features a four-point interface with the cable and two points of contact between the header and receptacle. Picoflex also offers polarization to both the PCB, and between the female connector and header. Plating options available include tin, gold, or palladium nickel with gold flash. Application tooling is available. Molex has expanded the Picoflex family to include reverse-footprint SMT headers. They are available with and without latches and in optional high-temperature plating.

Features and Benefits
  • Standard through-hole, vertical header suitable for wave-soldering
  • Vertical, through-hole header manufactured in high-temperature nylon 4/6 for IR compatibility
  • Pure SMT friction-lock header version of the standard 90325 series provides high-temperature material with SMT tails
  • Reverse PCB footprint SMT headers; compatible with Tyco’s Micro-MaTch series 188275
  • Alternative energy sources
  • Automotive
  • Consumer
  • Data/Communications
  • Medical

Picoflex® PF-50 90325

Manufacturer Part Number Description Available Quantity Datasheets
0903250006 CONN HEADER 6POS 1.27MM TIN 5957
0903250008 CONN HEADER 8POS 1.27MM TIN 5074
0903250010 CONN HEADER 10POS 1.27MM TIN 1313
0903250012 CONN HEADER 12POS 1.27MM TIN 1049
0903250014 CONN HEADER 14POS 1.27MM TIN 1811
0903250016 CONN HEADER 16POS 1.27MM TIN 6159
0903250020 CONN HEADER 20POS 1.27MM TIN 1072
0903250026 CONN HEADER 26POS 1.27MM TIN 2488
0903253004 CONN HEADER 4POS 1.27MM GOLD 411
0903253008 CONN HEADER 8POS 1.27MM GOLD 829
0903253010 CONN HEADER 10POS 1.27MM GOLD 2509

Picoflex® PF-50 90779

Manufacturer Part Number Description Available Quantity Datasheets
0907790007 CONN HEADER 16POS VERT 1.27MM 1780
0907793003 CONN HEADER 8POS VERT 1.27MM 901

Picoflex® PF-50 90814

Manufacturer Part Number Description Available Quantity Datasheets
0908140806 CONN HEADER 6POS 1.27MM SMD TIN 4863
0908140808 CONN HEADER 8POS 1.27MM SMD TIN 3538
0908140810 CONN HEADER 10POS 1.27MM SMD TIN 5709
0908140812 CONN HEADER 12POS 1.27MM SMD TIN 3509
0908140816 CONN HEADER 16POS 1.27MM SMD TIN 2218
0908140820 CONN HEADER 20POS 1.27MM SMD TIN 630
0908143820 CONN HEADER 20PS 1.27MM SMD GOLD 429
0908143826 CONN HEADER 26PS 1.27MM SMD GOLD 1009
0908140904 CONN HEADER 4POS 1.27MM VERT SMD 9227
0908140906 CONN HEADER 6POS 1.27MM VERT SMD 2247
0908140908 CONN HEADER 8POS 1.27MM VERT SMD 8924
0908140910 CONN HDR 10POS 1.27MM VERT SMD 3938
0908140916 CONN HDR 16POS 1.27MM VERT SMD 531
0908140918 CONN HDR 18POS 1.27MM VERT SMD 2885
0908140926 CONN HDR 26POS 1.27MM VERT SMD 1698
0908140920 PICOFLEX SMT HEADER 20POS 1466
0908140214 CONN HEADER 14POS VERT SMD TIN 2083
0908140220 CONN HEADER 20POS VERT SMD TIN 1355
0908140914 CONN HEADER 14POS VERT SMD TIN 1600