PAC5220WP WPC Solution Kit

Active-Semi's WPC solution kit EVK-PAC5220WP-Qi-HPA11-V1 features PAC5220WP Power Application Controller™ IC

Active-Semi’s WPC Qi-Certified (version 1.1.2) single-IC-based wireless power transmitter solution provides customers with the highest efficiency and lowest stand-by power design available today. The solution works for charging 5 W USB powered devices such as smart-phones, mobile devices, and portable electronics. This solution also offers the smallest BOM count to reduce the design footprint.

Active-Semi WPC solution kit EVK-PAC5220WP-Qi-HPA11-V1 features PAC5220WP Power Application Controller™ IC which handles all functions of wireless charging including receiver selection and identification, communication and control, power transfer, guided placement through blinking LED, and audio feedback using a piezoelectric buzzer. It also monitors input and output power for load regulation, uses WPC version 1.1 Foreign Object Detection (FOD), and provides over-current and over-temperature protection.

The turnkey solution and reference design comes with preloaded firmware for power transfer, protection, guided positioning, and other functions to perform right out-of-box, and allow customers to perform fast prototyping of their end-product. In addition, the preloaded firmware also allows customization of user features, enabling customers to differentiate their end-products. Power Application Controller™ IC technology, which is at the heart of this solution, also offers excellent scalability to other WPC configurations, is capable of supporting much higher power levels beyond 5 W, and is also suitable for implementing other standards such as PMA using the same platform.

  • Ultra-low standby power under 50 mW
  • Excellent EMI performance meeting FCC Class B
  • Complete WPC-1.1.2 Firmware including Foreign Objection Detection (FOD), guided positioning with LEDs and buzzer
  • Lowest solution cost bill of material including optional Active-Semi FETs
  • Built-in surge protection
  • Support for wide-input DC (up to 54 V) and universal AC input with on-chip SMPS controller
  • Scalable MCU based solution to enable products with multi-coils, multi-modes, and medium / higher power levels up to 150 W

PAC5220WP WPC Solution Kit

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