Mid/Low-Power LEDs Portfolio

Philips Lumileds offers a major expansion of the mid/low-power portfolio

The LUXEON LED portfolio supports development of energy-efficient, reliable lighting solutions that deliver superior quality of light and performance optimized for each application. LUXEON LEDs deliver the broadest range of CCT and CRI options plus hot color targeting. Combined with its high-power LEDs, these mid/low-power LEDs affirm Philips Lumileds' leadership position of having the most comprehensive line of emitters and arrays in the market. When it comes to unique lighting solutions that bring your products to life, it is time to expect more.

  • Architectural lighting
  • Downlights
  • High and low bay
  • Indoor area lighting
  • Lamps

Mid/Low-Power LEDs

Manufacturer Part Number Description Available Quantity Datasheets
MXA8-PW27-0000 LED LUXEON 3535L 7479
MXA8-PW30-0000 LED LUXEON 3535L 10027
MXA8-PW35-0000 LED LUXEON 3535L 6124
MXA8-PW40-0000 LED LUXEON 3535L 13005
MXA8-PW50-0000 LED LUXEON 3535L 2379
MXA8-PW57-0000 LED LUXEON 3535L 4524
MXA8-PW65-0000 LED LUXEON 3535L 17311
MXA9-PW27-0000 LED LUXEON 3535L 3230
MXL8-PW27-0000 LED LUXEON 5630 4001
MXL8-PW30-0000 LED LUXEON 5630 2661
MXL8-PW35-0000 LED LUXEON 5630 2580
MXL8-PW65-0000 LED LUXEON 5630 797
MXM8-PW27-0000 LED LUXEON 3535 5496
MXM8-PW30-0000 LED LUXEON 3535 1792
MXM8-PW35-0000 LED LUXEON 3535 2093
MXM8-PW40-0000 LED LUXEON 3535 5961
MXM8-PW50-0000 LED LUXEON 3535 1840
MXM8-PW57-0000 LED LUXEON 3535 1251
MXM8-PW65-0000 LED LUXEON 3535 6184
L130-2780001400001 LED WM WHITE 3014 80CRI 2700K 5990
L130-3580001400001 LED WM WHITE 3014 80CRI 3500K 2300
L130-4080001400001 LED NEU WHITE 3014 80CRI 4000K 2539
L130-6580001400001 LED COOL WHITE 3014 80CRI 6500K 2230
MXC9-PW35-0000 LED 3500K 90CRI WHT SMD 4900
MXC9-PW40-0000 LED 4000K 90CRI WHT SMD 2210
L135-27800BHV00001 LED 2700K 80CRI WHT SMD 5822
L135-30800BHV00001 LED 3000K 80CRI WHT SMD 5933
L135-40800BHV00001 LED 4000K 80CRI WHT SMD 5825
L135-50800BHV00001 LED 5000K 80CRI WHT SMD 4866
L135-27800CHV00001 LED 2700K 80CRI WHT SMD 5990
L135-30800CHV00001 LED 3000K 80CRI WHT SMD 5775
L135-40800CHV00001 LED 4000K 80CRI WHT SMD 5657
L135-50800CHV00001 LED 5000K 80CRI WHT SMD 4710