Magnetic Replacement Ballast IC

International Rectifier's offers IRS2538DSPBF-ND

International Rectifier's IC takes full advantage of its patented ballast and high-voltage technologies to realize a simple, high-performance magnetic ballast replacement solution. The IC includes a novel single-stage circuit topology and control method to achieve high power factor and low THD without a PFC stage or any electrolytic capacitors. A single high-voltage pin senses the half-bridge voltage to perform necessary protection functions. Closed-loop control of the lamp current provides constant lamp brightness over a wide-line input voltage range. Combining these high-voltage control algorithms in a single 8-pin IC results in a large reduction in component count, an increase in manufacturability and reliability, a reduced design-cycle time, while maintaining high-ballast system performance.

The IRS2538DS also features preheat, ignition and running lamp modes, closed-loop lamp current control, fixed pre-heat time (2 s typical), adaptive deadtime (0.5 μs to 1.5 μs typical), lamp insert auto-restart, micro-power start-up (125 μA), and an internal 15.6 V Zener diode clamp on VCC.

  • Ballast control plus half-bridge driver in one IC
  • Single-stage topology (no PFC stage required)
  • High PF and low THD
  • Preheat, ignition, and running lamp modes
  • Closed-loop lamp current control
  • Half-bridge NZVS protection
  • Adaptive dead-time
  • Lamp insert auto-restart
  • Internal bootstrap MOSFET
  • Micro-power start-up current
  • 15.6 V internal Zener clamp on VCC
  • Excellent ESD and latch immunity
  • RoHS compliant
  • 8-pin S08 package
  • Magnetic replacement electronic ballast
  • Low-cost electronic ballast


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