LP Series

Weidmüller’s LP's screw connection guarantees a globally accepted, vibration-proof, and maintenance-free connection

The LP series one-piece terminal blocks are available in multiple pitches and are part of the OMNIMATE Signal family of connectors from Weidmüller. With simple and direct terminal connection to the circuit board, the terminal provides high-density component assembly with good usability despite the compact dimensions.

The LP series utilizes a clamping-yoke termination. The clamping-yoke connection is the most-used screw connection in the world. When the screw on the clamp is tightened, there is a counter effect in the clamping yoke‘s threaded area which prevents the connection from accidentally loosening. As the screw thread is on an inclined plane, there is a force gain created and a very-high clamping force is achieved.

Features Applications
  • Screw connection guarantees a globally accepted, vibration-proof and maintenance-free connection
  • A large conductor clamping area is covered
  • The wire guard protection mechanism prevents accidental insertion of the wire underneath the clamping area, it protects against hidden faulty contacts
  • Flat clamping yoke enables clamping of very-small cross section wires
  • Control and building industries
    • Sensor actuator interfaces
    • Power supplies

LP Series

Manufacturer Part Number Description Available Quantity Datasheets
1696040000 TERM BLOCK PCB 2POS 5.08MM BLACK 476
1696050000 TERM BLOCK PCB 3POS 5.08MM BLACK 600
1676740000 TERM BLOCK PCB 2POS 5.08MM BLACK 2363
1696060000 TERM BLOCK PCB 2POS 5.00MM BLACK 281
1696070000 TERM BLOCK PCB 3POS 5.00MM BLACK 132
1594540000 CONN TERM BLK PCB 5.08MM 2POS OR 976
1594550000 CONN TERM BLK PCB 5.08MM 3POS OR 790