LIS2Dx 12-Bit, Ultra-Low-Power, 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer

STMicroelectronics' LIS2Dx accelerometers provide accurate, high-resolution output

ST's LIS2DH and LIS2DM accelerometers provide extremely-accurate, high-resolution output across full-scale ranges of ±2 g/±4 g/±8 g/± 16 g and boast excellent stability over time and temperature. The sensors come with advanced embedded features, including 4 D/6 D orientation detection and two programmable interrupt signals that enable immediate notification of motion detection, free-fall, and other conditions.

Addressing power constraints in battery-operated portable devices, ST's accelerometers include power-down and sleep modes, and a FIFO (first-in, first-out) memory block for smarter power management. They also embed a temperature sensor and a self-test function that allows the customer to verify the functioning of the sensor after it has been assembled on board.

The LIS2Dx devices are software-compatible with the company's current three-axis accelerometers so customers can easily "hot swap" and protect their investment in application development.

The LIS2Dx series are ultra-low-power, high-performance, three-axis linear accelerometers belonging to the "femto" family with digital I²C/SPI serial interface standard output. They have dynamically user-selectable full scales of ±2 g/±4 g/±8 g/± 16 g and are capable of measuring accelerations with output data rates from 1 Hz to 5.3 kHz. The self-test capability allows the user to check the functioning of the sensor in the final application. The device may be configured to generate interrupt signals by two independent inertial wake-up/free-fall events as well as by the position of the device itself. They are available in a small, thin, plastic, land-grid array package (LGA) and are guaranteed to operate over an extended temperature range from -40°C to +85°C.

Key Features
  • Wide supply voltage, 1.71 V to 3.6 V
  • Independent IOs supply (1.8 V) and supply voltage compatible
  • Ultra-low-power mode consumption, down to 2 µA
  • ±2 g/±4 g/±8 g/±16 g dynamically selectable full-scale
  • I²C/SPI digital output interface
  • Two independent programmable interrupt generators for free-fall and motion detection
  • 6 D/4 D orientation detection
  • "Sleep to wake" and "return to sleep" function
  • Embedded temperature sensor
  • Embedded FIFO
  • ECOPACK® RoHS and "green" compliant

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