LGA 1366/1356-2 Server CPU Socket

With excellent solder-joint and contact reliability, the Molex LGA 1366 Server CPU Socket supersedes its predecessor, the LGA 771 Socket, and eliminates the possibility of thermal mismatch during board processing

The LGA 1366 (Land Grid Array) from Molex is a Server CPU socket designed for Intel's Nehalem/Sandy Bridge micro-architecture that uses an LGA 1366-pin packaging and smaller pitch size of 1.016 mm (.040") by 1.016 mm (.040"). The LGA 1366 socket is commonly referred to as Socket B, socket 1366, or LGA 1366, and mates with the server processor through the gold pads of the LGA 1366 package.

The LGA 1366 socket is a replacement of the Socket 771 for the server market. The socket contacts are arranged in a 43-by-41 grid array with a 21-by-17 grid depopulated at the center of the array. This high-density LGA socket has a low profile and utilizes the proven Ball Grid Array (BGA) soldering technology for stable PCB processing. It features excellent solder-joint reliability, and does not have the same thermal mismatch issues as do its predecessors - the LGA 771 (Socket J) and the LGA 775 sockets (Socket T). The latter sockets, being single-piece parts, comprise metal plates heat-staked to socket housings. Made to go through the reflow oven at the same time, these parts absorb heat differently, causing the metal component to heat up more quickly than the socket housing. This results in lower solder-ball temperature, uneven heat distribution throughout socket, dynamic warpage, and poor solder-joint reliability. The advantage of the LGA 1366 socket is that it is soldered onto a PCB before any separate, mechanical assembly of base-plate and ILM takes place. Thermal mismatch problems are practically non-existent. This configuration offers excellent solder-joint reliability.

The Independent Loading Mechanism (ILM) - comprising a load plate, load lever and four corner screws - provides the needed force to seat the 1366-pin LGA Land Package neatly onto the socket contacts. The back-plate, mounted beneath the PCB, ensures a uniform load is applied to the socket solder joints. The result is good electrical contact between processor and socket. Molex offers a choice of Shepherd hook or straight actuation lever, 15 or 30 micro inch Gold (Au) terminal plated sockets, and server or desktop back-plates to support customer applications.

LGA 1366/1356-2 Server CPU Socket

Manufacturer Part Number Description Available Quantity Datasheets
1051420132 CONN SOCKET LGA 2011POS GOLD 33