L37-3S Ultra-Soft Gap Filler

T-Global offers their L37-3S ultra-soft gap filler

The L37-3S is an ultra-soft gap filler from T-Global. It is designed for applications where the engineer needs as soft a material as possible so that a good thermal path is achieved without damaging delicate components. The softness of the L37-3S pads helps eliminate air gaps between components and the heat-sink while conforming to the curvature and warp of the mating surfaces. L37-3S compressibility accommodates the different profile heights of multiple components and remains stress-free while providing outstanding mechanical shock absorption. L37-3S offers a good combination of thermal performance, cost-effectiveness and ease of manufacture and can be supplied in many forms, such as sheets, tubes, moldings, rolls or die-cut parts.

L37-3 Product Range Thermal Interface Product Selection Thermally Conductive Gap Filler Rolls Product Range


Manufacturer Part Number Description Available Quantity Datasheets
L37-3S-150-150-0.3-0 L37-3 SHEET 150X150X0.3MM 45
L37-3S-320-320-0.3-0 L37-3 SHEET 320X320X0.3MM 9
L37-3S-640-320-0.3-0 L37-3 SHEET 640X320X0.3MM 4
L37-3S-150-150-0.5-0 L37-3 SHEET 150X150X0.5MM 34
L37-3S-150-150-0.5-1A L37-3 SHEET 150X150X0.5MM W/ADH 24
L37-3S-320-320-0.5-0 L37-3 SHEET 320X320X0.5MM 12
L37-3S-320-320-0.5-1A L37-3 SHEET 320X320X0.5MM W/ADH 6
L37-3S-640-320-0.5-0 L37-3 SHEET 640X320X0.5MM 7
L37-3S-640-320-0.5-1A L37-3 SHEET 640X320X0.5MM W/ADH 4
L37-3S-150-150-1.0-0 L37-3 SHEET 150X150X1MM 10
L37-3S-150-150-1.0-1A L37-3 SHEET 150X150X1MM W/ADH 17
L37-3S-320-320-1.0-0 L37-3 SHEET 320X320X1MM 5
L37-3S-320-320-1.0-1A L37-3 SHEET 320X320X1MM W/ADH 3
L37-3S-640-320-1.0-0 L37-3 SHEET 640X320X1MM 5
L37-3S-640-320-1.0-1A L37-3 SHEET 640X320X1MM W/ADH 2
L37-3S-150-150-2.0-0 L37-3 SHEET 150X150X2MM 22
L37-3S-150-150-2.0-1A L37-3 SHEET 150X150X2MM W/ADH 20
L37-3S-320-320-2.0-0 L37-3 SHEET 320X320X2MM 7
L37-3S-320-320-2.0-1A L37-3 SHEET 320X320X2MM W/ADH 4
L37-3S-640-320-2.0-0 L37-3 SHEET 640X320X2MM 2
L37-3S-640-320-2.0-1A L37-3 SHEET 640X320X2MM W/ADH 3
L37-3S-150-150-3.0-0 L37-3 SHEET 150X150X3MM 11
L37-3S-150-150-3.0-1A L37-3 SHEET 150X150X3MM W/ADH 6
L37-3S-320-320-3.0-0 L37-3 SHEET 320X320X3MM 6
L37-3S-320-320-3.0-1A L37-3 SHEET 320X320X3MM W/ADH 4
L37-3S-640-320-3.0-0 L37-3 SHEET 640X320X3MM 2
L37-3S-640-320-3.0-1A L37-3 SHEET 640X320X3MM W/ADH 2
L37-3S-150-150-5.0-0 L37-3 SHEET 150X150X5MM 37
L37-3S-150-150-5.0-1A L37-3 SHEET 150X150X5MM W/ADH 19
L37-3S-320-320-5.0-0 L37-3 SHEET 320X320X5MM 4
L37-3S-320-320-5.0-1A L37-3 SHEET 320X320X5MM W/ADH 10
L37-3S-640-320-5.0-0 L37-3 SHEET 640X320X5MM 2
L37-3S-640-320-5.0-1A L37-3 SHEET 640X320X5MM W/ADH 1
L37-3S-150-150-10.0-0 L37-3 SHEET 150X150X10MM 4
L37-3S-150-150-10.0-1A L37-3 SHEET 150X150X10MM W/ADH 1
L37-3S-320-320-10.0-0 L37-3 SHEET 320X320X10MM 2
L37-3S-320-320-10.0-1A L37-3 SHEET 320X320X10MM W/ADH 2
L37-3S-640-320-10.0-0 L37-3 SHEET 640X320X10MM 2
L37-3S-640-320-10.0-1A L37-3 SHEET 640X320X10MM W/ADH 3