HZA Hybrid Polymer-Aluminum Capacitors

SMT hybrid polymer-aluminum electrolytic capacitors from Cornell Dubilier

Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc. (CDE) announces the release of type HZA hybrid polymer-aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Combining the advantages of each technology, type HZA has the ultra-low ESR characteristics of conductive aluminum-polymer capacitors packaged in a V-chip, SMT case with high capacitance and voltage ratings previously available only in aluminum electrolytic technology.

Capacitance values for type HZA range from 10 to 330 µF at voltage ratings from 25 to 80 VDC and ripple current values exceeding 2000 mA on some of larger chip sizes. When operated at their rated temperature of 105°C and rated voltage at full ripple current load, type HZA capacitors have an exceedingly long life of 10,000 hours.


Manufacturer Part Number Description Available Quantity Datasheets
HZA106M050C12T-F CAP ALUM 10UF 50V 20% SMD 3000
HZA106M063D16T-F CAP ALUM 10UF 63V 20% SMD 1988
HZA107M025X16T-F CAP ALUM 100UF 25V 20% SMD 2625
HZA107M050G24T-F CAP ALUM 100UF 50V 20% SMD 918
HZA157M035F24T-F CAP ALUM 150UF 35V 20% SMD 1840
HZA226M050D16T-F CAP ALUM 22UF 50V 20% SMD 1960
HZA227M025F24T-F CAP ALUM 220UF 25V 20% SMD 960
HZA277M035G24T-F CAP ALUM 270UF 35V 20% SMD 1024
HZA336M050X16T-F CAP ALUM 33UF 50V 20% SMD 1650
HZA337M025G24T-F CAP ALUM 330UF 25V 20% SMD 1415
HZA476M035D16T-F CAP ALUM 47UF 35V 20% SMD 1805
HZA686M035X16T-F CAP ALUM 68UF 35V 20% SMD 1765