Hydra-X10 and Hydra-X20

Hydra-X is a development platform which is feature-rich, scalable, and easy to use

The Hydra-X is based on the Power Application Controller (PAC)™ family of ICs.  Hydra-X gives you the ability to execute your own code on a 32-bit ARM Cortex core, paralleled with analog resources such as multi-mode power manager (for AC-DC, DC-DC power management), configurable Analog Front-End (AFE), data converters (1 MHz 10-bit ADC, 2 precision DACs), 52 V, 72 V, 600 V gate drivers, and open drain drivers, to name a few.

With up to 14 PWM timing functions, you will find it hard to run out of timing resources. Fully configurable into PWM, input capture or output compare, these timers are expanded by a dead time generator block; extremely useful when driving external FETs in a half H-Bridge configuration and a dead time needs to be imposed in order to protect the design from shoot-through.

One of the items that makes the PAC52xx device so fascinating is its level of integration. Anybody designing an application revolving around a microcontroller will remember the process of selecting voltage regulators to power up the different blocks. With PAC52xx, this step can be omitted as all voltage regulation needs have been taken care of. Simply apply your input voltage, and the internal Multi Mode Power block will generate all the internal voltages to power up the core, as well as the GPIO resources.

Hydra-X platform offers a USB-to-UART chip which allows the connection of the development board to your computer. This link is advantageous as many applications can benefit from serial communications as seen from external graphical user interface software on your main computer.

Hydra-X also has an on-board debugger (versus a simple boot loader). This allows you to burn your code into FLASH with a simple press of a button. This debugger also gives you the ability to debug your code in real time which is quite priceless for faster development! You can observe memory contents such as variables, register values, etc, as well as stepping through code in hopes of finding that pesky bug.

Hydra-X platform is supported with the hardware kits for PAC5210 and PAC5220 ICs, and comes with supply supported software development kit (SDK) for IAR and CooCox IDEs, documentation, example code and reference designs.

Features and Benefits
  • 32-bit ARM Cortex core
  • Multi-mode power manager (AC-DC, DC-DC switchers, LDOs)
  • 14 channels of analog-to-digital conversion
  • Configurable AFE with single-ended and differential amplifiers, comparators
  • 52 V, 72 V, 600 V high-side, low-side gate drivers to drive up to 3 half-bridges
  • Open-drain drivers
  • Up to 14 PWM timing functions
  • On-chip temperature sensor
  • UART, SPI, or I2C serial communication
  • GPIOs
  • On-board debugger
  • Single-unit debugger/compiler/programmer

Hydra-X10 and Hydra-X20

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