HCJ High-Current Jumpers

SEI's HCJ high-current jumpers offer current handling up to 63 amps

The HCJ series from Stackpole offers a thin-film, surface-mount chip jumper, capable of much higher current than standard jumpers. The current handling ranges from 6.5 amps for the HCJ 0402 size up to 63.2 amps for the HCJ 2512. In comparison, the typical rated current for a standard 2512 thick-film jumper is 3 amps. The HCJ 0402 has a maximum resistance of 3 milliohms, while the other sizes have a maximum resistance of 0.5 milliohms. This ensures lower power dissipation for the HCJ series compared to similar jumpers with typical resistance of up to 50 milliohms.


Manufacturer Part Number Description Available Quantity Datasheets
HCJ0402ZT0R00 RES SMD 0.0 OHM JUMPER 0402 0
HCJ0603ZT0R00 RES SMD 0.0 OHM JUMPER 0603 0
HCJ0805ZT0R00 RES SMD 0.0 OHM JUMPER 0805 1392
HCJ1206ZT0R00 RES SMD 0.0 OHM JUMPER 1206 8138
HCJ2512ZT0R00 RES SMD 0.0 OHM JUMPER 2512 3309