Ha-VIS eCon Ethernet Switches

HARTING offers their Ha-VIS eCon 2000 and 3000 families

HARTING offers the Ha-VIS eCon slim design 3000 family, and the flat design 2000 family. The Ha-VIS eCon 2000 and 3000 families allow you to react optimally to every spatial and application situation. The 2000 and 3000 eCon switches have versions with PoE+ functionality.

The unmanaged Ethernet switches from the Ha-VIS eCon 3000 family feature up to 10 fast Ethernet ports and offer economical and fast options to expand or set-up network infrastructures. Full gigabit switches are available with up to 7 ports for applications with high data throughput. The slim design of the switches also allows them to be positioned on the carrier rail with a very-high packing density. Thanks to the DIN rail mounting that is integrated in the housing, the switches can be simply installed in the field.

The unmanaged Ethernet switches from the Ha-VIS eCon 2000 family offer up to 16 fast Ethernet ports and are also available in a 7-port full gigabit version. This allows customers to expand or setup network infrastructures in a time saving, and economical way. With an extremely-flat design, the switches can also be accommodated in installations where space is restricted towards the cable connection at the front. RJ45 and FOC ports are located on the front of the switches, allowing cables to be connected quickly and simply.

Features and Benefits
  • Cabling requires less time, costs, and space
  • Gain greater flexibility for connecting end devices, and expanding your network
  • Eliminate additional components such as power supplies
  • Energy-efficient design without fans
  • Wind and solar energy systems
  • Buses
  • Ships
  • Industrial automation

Ha-VIS eCon Ethernet Switches

Manufacturer Part Number Description Available Quantity Datasheets
24030060010 ETHERNET SW 3060B-A 2
24030080010 ETHERNET SW 3080B-A 3
24030041110 ETHERNET SW 3041B-AD 1
24030042110 ETHERNET SW 3042B-AD 1
24030060030 ETHERNET SW 3060B-A-P 2
24030080030 ETHERNET SW 3080B-A-P 3
24030041130 ETHERNET SW 3041B-AD-P 2
24030042130 ETHERNET SW 3042B-AD-P 1
24034060010 ETHERNET SW 3060GB-A 1
24034070010 ETHERNET SW 3070GB-A 3
24034061310 ETHERNET SW 3061GB-AC 1
24034060030 ETHERNET SW 3060GB-A-P 1
24034070030 ETHERNET SW 3070GB-A-P 1
24034041130 ETHERNET SW 3041GB-AD-P 1
24034051130 ETHERNET SW 3051GB-AD-P 1
24020050010 ETHERNET SW 2050B-A 3
24020080010 ETHERNET SW 2080B-A 8
24020061110 ETHERNET SW 2061B-AD 1
24020062110 ETHERNET SW 2062B-AD 1
24020050030 ETHERNET SW 2050B-A-P 2
24020080030 ETHERNET SW 2080B-A-P 4
24020062130 ETHERNET SW 2062B-AD-P 1
24024050030 ETHERNET SW 2050GB-A-P 1